Essay Sample: Texas College Admission

Published: 2017-10-11
Essay Sample: Texas College Admission
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Texas College and I share a lot in common. Just like Texas College, I strive to achieve the best and to bring out my best potential. It was this drive to be the best that I could ever be that drove me to immerse myself in the graphics world and create applications for the best telecommunication brand in the world, Apple. Graphic design had always been my favorite pastime; from a tender age, I have been fascinated by the prospect of creating something out of my imaginations, making it real and tangible to be seen, used and experienced by other people. The experience of developing apps was different; nothing could really compare to it. I felt alive; all my senses were sharper than ever before. Learning the complex programming languages at a tender age was challenging but rewarding at the same time. I developed an app, Theme Lab which scooped the number five spot on Apple app store. Ever since I knew I was meant to be a developer, Graphics design was the only way I would go to fell the thrill of creating new applications and Texas College is the place I think of that could best help me bring out the potential that I have.

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My versatility in graphics design is not only limited to programming; I can also develop fast signs for different businesses based on their specifications. In my senior year I intend to major in fast signs so as to pilish my skills in that area an dbenefit local businesses in my community. I intend to use my knowledge and expertise to benefit local businesses through the development and design of fast signs that best meet their business needs. In my most recent project I helped in the creation of a sign for Child Cancer Awareness month.

One more thing that piques my interest in Texas College is its wide array of athletic activities one can participate in. Aside from my programming prowess, I am also the district pole vault champion. With its reputation in athletics, I believe Texas College is the place for me to be, to cultivate my graphic designs skills and also to promote my athletic talent. At 17 years of age, I need to find the best place to bring out the full potential in me, both academically and in athletics. Being involved in athletics has taught me an array of lessons and made me a better man. I have learned the value of teamwork and appreciating the special skills each person possesses; that we cannot really do much without the support of others around us. I have also learned the value of focus and determination, that no matter what I should strive to be the best and that I can always improve on my last success. I have also gained leadership qualities, being able to captain my athletics team and in the process learning to make decisions that best meet the needs team, accommodating the preferences of each and every individual in the team. I will also be in a better position to mentor upcoming athletes in the field of pole vaulting, giving them the tips and skills that I have amassed over the years.Texas College, I believe, is that place that can bring out the best in me.

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