Free Essay on the Effect that Social Network Has on Underage Users

Published: 2022-03-12
Free Essay on the Effect that Social Network Has on Underage Users
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Through the years, "Social Media use has risen and will be an even bigger enterprise by the next ten years." Over the years of Social Media outbreak of popularity, more and more kids are joining sites are underage children. Kids are lying about their age just to be able to be allowed on certain social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Messenger, etc. The underage kids that are users are becoming more vulnerable to pedophiles, peer pressure, and cyberbullying; and that is why social media sites should only be used by adults who are 18 and older should be mandatory to use a social and identification card to confirm age.

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Social media sites have many effects on underage users. "Psychologists and Educators behind the large U.S. study in 2014 concluded that the Engaging in online social interactions before necessary cognitive and emotional development that occurs throughout middle childhood could lead to negative encounters or poor decision-making. As a result, teachers and parents need to be aware of what children are doing online, teach media literacy and safe online habits at younger ages than previously thought." (Aiken par.11). Failure to which, subsequently, is why some parents ought to be penalized for child neglect.

Mary Aikens believes that there are twenty million minors that use Facebook (Cyber Effect par. 9). According to Consumer Reports, 7.5 million of these users are under 13 (Brandon). It is safe to assume that the numbers have risen since then, because of the timing and trending of Social Media today. As young as five-year-olds are creating fake profiles and account now, ("The Kids Who Lie About Their Age to Join Facebook") with the consent of their parents. Most parents are largely unconcerned and have no site on what these kids are doing, portraying, or watching on these social sites. They do not become a concern until something bad happen, and tragedy hits home.

Many kids have become suicidal, misled, kidnapped, seduce and misunderstood because of the easy access to the social network at an early age. If they would keep an eye or supervised they children more instead of being just a friend, they will be protected from this social media virus if they are underage. Simon Milner, a senior executive with Facebook, said that it would be almost impossible. "He has told The Guardians, "We haven't got a mechanism for eradicating the problem [of underage users]." How could it be impossible to provide an identification number or a social that is provided to each in the United States? Or it's just about money and publicity. Dr. Dunkley believes that a tween's underdeveloped frontal cortex can't manage the distraction nor the temptation that comes with social media (Dunkley par.17). I do believe if you can protect bank accounts, credit cards, government offices, and airports by using identification to verify your identity. It can be used to verify the age of a person also.

Even though identity and age verification online are complex issues, they should be a priority for all social networks, or business that accommodates adults pleasure. Kids are losing their lives and respect from these social networks. Many think it's a joke and not a concern, how

the internet is molding the children of our future. A popular joke that's a great example of easy access comes from a New Yorker cartoon that ran in 1993 showed a dog sitting in front of a computer, and underneath the drawing, it stated: "On the internet, nobody knows if you're a puppy either" (Aikens). Therefore, this explains exactly why one should be identified by proving identity using Id and Social security number. Anyone or anything shouldn't be allowed to make a profile if it's not theirs. A lot of fraudulent activity would be stopped, and our kids would not be exposed to negative activities that are being put on these social sites. Kids are being introduced to; drugs, sex, and gangs.

Many young girls are being labeled as sex symbols at a young age because of the new trends that are being promoted on these sites. Social Media have underage users looking up to stars and musician. Kids are thinking that "keeping up with the Kardashians," is more important than acting their age and getting an education. You find that these kids aspire to be like Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Rihanna without giving it any thought about their actions and how people are going to react to what they are displaying. This situation is becoming sadder than ever before. These social networks should take in consideration that they are raising these kids and play a big role in their lives. The social network is the reasons why underage kids are growing up fast and experience things that some adults haven't even endured in life, just because they were given a chance to be a kid without all this internet mess. Social media sites that have inappropriate materials, nudity, strong foul language, substance abuse, or violence should not be available or allowed to underage kids.

Mark Zuckerberg should understand the stress and pressure that his site has on the underage kids and that it should just be occupied by adults because he established Facebook for his college Harvard University. He should know that the age limit should be 18 years and older and consider doing something about the users who are making fake profiles just to join his site. They should be required to prove birth date, social, and identification so that kids won't be allowed to lie about their age to join.

Our future lives should be more important than making money. These kids should be given a chance to remain kids as long as they can without the pressure or influence of others. It takes a village to raise a child, not the internet. Dunkley reported that "Social Media was not designed for them (kids)," she believes that a tween's underdeveloped frontal cortex can't manage the distraction nor the temptation that comes with social media. The effect of social media sites have a negative impact on underage users and should be monitored at all times by parents or legal guardian of anyone that's underage. It should be against the law to exploit the minds of underage user and to require identifications to protect them from adult activities and foul play

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