The Development of the Human and Technology. Essay Sample.

Published: 2020-04-27
 The Development of the Human and Technology. Essay Sample.
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Innovation is the greatest achievement humanity has made. Credit goes to all the changes that the human has done in all the stages as this shows that human being is progressing. The development of the human being from the ape-like creatures to modern human beings is due to innovations. Innovations in all fields are helpful for and education is such a field. In education innovations such as computers, videos and videos have so far proved to be of great importance to the learning of the students. These innovations have shown that education sector can be revolutionized.

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Young generations are the future of the nation and the whole education system. And therefore they need to be guided to become responsible citizens. Teachers play a great role in this by trying to explain to them certain scenarios while teaching them. Use of videos would help the students have a better picture of what they are being taught, and this will lead to a better understanding. Also, the use of videos helps present facts to the students that were previously told verbally to them.

Similarly, the use of the internet has numerous benefits on the education system. Schools can share information between each other through the internet. The internet also helps the students to carry out more research on certain topics where they need more clarifications. Computers are also useful and more helpful to students as they can learn how to write much quickly with minimal errors.

Internet has given the students flexibility of studying at their own convenience. This is made possible through online classes where the lectures do not have to meet with their students to learn. Students from far parts of Africa and China do not have to travel necessarily so as to participate in the lecture. They can now learn easily without the travel expense.

Real learning involves learning from everything not just from books. Technology such as internet can be a backup of the information that is not available from books. With the new technology, students can access a variety of books and articles which empowers them to better understanding.

Teachers can use the new technology to explain to their students their points better. The use of slide shows and videos to explain their points to the students makes it easier for the students to understand. This will in turn reflect on the students performance and practical application of the taught concept.

The new technology has apparently made learning easier for the students. Bringing technology to the students does not only involve bringing a projector or a screen to class. Computers help students to do calculations, crunch numbers and group the student a according to their strengths and weaknesses. This way the students will be able to benefit much from each other.

However, technology can be misused by the pupils. Technology can make the students be lazy and less productive. As much as technology is relevant to the students learning it should not be used to replace the position of the teacher or instructor. Technology has brought greater revolutions to the entire nation. Why not try it in education it definitely has many pros than cons.

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