Essay Example: The Design of My Life

Published: 2022-09-15
Essay Example: The Design of My Life
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Clothes give us a similar signal to what we encounter every day, and elements give to show the difference between the theatrical costumes and everyday life. While someone is on the stage, the cloth they wear sends a different picture as compares compared to ordinary despite the occupation, position, and sex. However, on the stage platform, the image is magnified because the theatre elements mostly focus on the attention. For this to rhyme, the costumes wore must also meet the setup of the stage and the everyday life. One reason why someone chooses the set of clothes is to ensure that it rhymes with the style along with the lighting and scenery. The clothing worn should also tell the audience of the method of play.

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Like for my case, I wear a royal blue scrub due to my nursing career. In the hospital environment, our clothes not only represent our abilities or attitude but also touches a fashion through how we appear to display more our personality. Just the way style expresses someone's personality also does to show our individuality and the image we want the world to notice. For example in the medical world the scrubs make the patients have a similar look, and with our royal blue design, it makes us stand out as professionals. In other words, it also shows them that were are there to add more personality to our work wardrobe.

We all know that blue symbolizes confidence, loyalty, faith, wisdom, and the truth. Blue also promotes cleanliness, technology, and stability. Lastly, in the hospital set up blue increases activities and suppresses productivity. Contrary to that when a nurse wears streets cloths and interacts with one of the patients, they are usually perceived as benevolent autocrats that have autocratic characteristics. Most of the time, some of the patients also see me as a less nurturing and dominant than when in a royal blue scrub. The royal blue scrub, therefore, perceives nurses to be stereotypical to have a certain degree of professionalism than when seen in street clothes

People always believe that careers in medicine have unique personality aptitudes and traits of high compassion, quality, sensitivity, inquisitiveness as compared to others. However, the medicine career is also competitive, perfectionistic, and often obsessive-compulsive. Many characteristics enable us to explore our tendencies of perfectionism and over caring. While people think that we are the most intelligent people in our community, most of us tend to live healthy lives by going through high school and college life. People of similar ambitions and amplitudes also surrounded us.

Nurses also have normal lives that enable us to wear a different set of clothing. Just as described the environment plays a vital role when it comes to someone's personality. The background is also one factor that that affects the person but does not affect their genes. However the places we like spending out time help us to shape our personality. This includes the people around us. Our day to day experiences including the people we associate with like our friends, families, and people in the church, community, and school as a whole influence our personality.

There are also interpersonal events and unique situations that assist us to shape our characters. For instance, the home environment bears the personality development of a person. For the cases of nurses, they tend to spend more time on the computer to allow them to gain excellent nursing care. After work, for instance, most of my time ends up on the internet, not just for fun but to gain more knowledge through online classes. While this has become an addiction, the environment I work from allows me to achieve the company's goals the way it deprives my job satisfaction. Most of the time we are also supposed to use our expertise, clinical and skills knowledge.

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