Free Essay. the Contrast Between "Stopping by Woods" and "the Road Not Taken"

Published: 2023-01-25
Free Essay. the Contrast Between "Stopping by Woods" and "the Road Not Taken"
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The two poems, "Stopping by Woods" and "The Road Not Taken," are composed by Robert Frost, and he is solitary, alone in nature. There are some of the common elements that can be identified throughout the two poems; however, some of the dissimilarities that exist in the two poems make them sound more fascinating. This study seeks to contrast the following elements of the two aforementioned poems, on the dilemma, Wrestle with the voice as well as the decisions made by the narrator.

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In 'Stopping by Woods' on a Snowy Evening", the dilemma demonstrated is through the choice that the narrator has to make when balancing the playing time, or work, with the personal time. While in the carriage in his way to make an important errand, he alighted to take a look at the beautiful falling of the snowflakes from the trees. The dilemma arouses when he had little time to waste or spend for him to pause for a long time. He cannot turn his full concentration to the weather and nature, to simply enjoy the moment. On the other side, his mind is occupied with other duties, commitments, and responsibility that he needs to attend to them. Whereas in the "The Road Not Taken," the narrator is in the dilemma to decide on the path to take as he hikes through the woods. As the narrator comes close to the fork in the path, he paused to scrutinize which one to use. The paths appeared to no nay difference, but a bit less worn. The narrator had to take one while reserving the other for another day. The contradiction through Frost's the words shows dilemma: Do I do what I want to do, or do I do what I'm supposed to do?

Wrestle with the Voice

In "The Road Not Taken," the wrestle of the voice can be seen through the tonal variation which is serious and lacks the optimistic outlook. The poem s not all about the good and evil but making the right decision in life. Initially, the speaker's attitude when making the decision seems to be positive until towards the end of the poem where he looks back many years later, and questions his choices. He said, "No matter which road you take, you'll always sigh, and wish you'd taken another way." While in 'Stopping by Woods', the narrator wrestles with the voice when making the emotionally driven choice. The desire of the narrator is to stop and take the beautiful scene around him, but he is contemplating to continue on driving his horse away as he had initially promised.


In 'Stopping by Woods' the decision made by the narrator is lies on the moral obligation. The promise that he had initially made, he has to absolutely fulfill it; they cannot linger. While in The Road Not Taken, the narrator makes the decision to take one particular path since the other one has been taken very often. There is no reason behind for someone to choose a certain path since no one is certain of the outcome of each path to where it destines to maybe it can be disastrous or successful


To wind up, in the two poems, Frost has demonstrated how he complimented in making the decision. The differences rise depending on the nature of the situation and the type of the decision which he has to make which forms the basis of the two poems.

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