Free Essay Sample: Product Overview of Salubite

Published: 2023-01-23
Free Essay Sample: Product Overview of Salubite
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Salubite is an all-natural pet food product formulated to offer pets all the necessary nutrition needed for a healthy body. The food is developed to provide a balanced diet which is critically immigrant to the pet's cell maintenance and growth. The foods are of high quality and especially formulated. Based on the pet's body needs at every stage of life, the client will be delighted to find their uniquely formulated pet food. The purpose of this paper is to outline the marketing plans for Salubite dog food. The paper will include an overview of the Salubite pet food delineating all the salient features of the pet food products.

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SWOT Analysis

The products have unique strengths that will be leveraged in marketing the products. The SWOT analysis will also help in fixing the identified weaknesses. The company will improve is social media presences by registering social made fan pages and connecting with both fans and other brands. This way, its advertisement reach, and coverage will be increased through its social media networks. Secondly, the company will reconsider its pricing strategy based on its marketing strategies.

The company's marketing goals is to market penetration. Therefore, its pricing strategy will be aligned with market penetration goals. Finally, the price disadvantages will be addressed by the company since this is one major threat the company as identified. Therefore, the company will adopt a competitive pricing strategy.

Target market

Pets are owned by both the wealthy and the poor. People from all demographics, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds can own a pet. However, to take care fo the pets properly requires money. Therefore, the company will target the middle and upper incomes people. The company also target pet lovers who can go an extra mile to ensure that their pets get a balanced diet. The company targets the middle and income market segments in Worcester MA. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the white people tend to be the most loyal pet owners that is why they will be given preferences. The company will also sell organic food through the grocery stores which is a convenient location for the healthy food shoppers.

Needs of The Target Market

The pet lovers are looking for nutritional food for their pets, the pet foods should be uniquely formulated for the pets. However, the company also understand that different pets have different nutritional needs that is what the company will provide a wide range of pet food products for the young pets, the adult pets, senior pets, and overweight pets. The company, therefore, will fill the market gap for safe, organic and all-natural pet food products. The company's pet food products are made up of non-GMO ingredients that are all certified organic. The formulation will focus on balanced nutritional with high protein and vegetable content

Marketing strategies

The marketing mix (4P) will be used to guide the management in developing marketing strategies. For example:

  • Price- the company will adopt the penetrative marketing strategy which means that in the introductory phase, the prices of the products will be competitively low.
  • Place- the products will be sold directly through the authorities' distributors and through the whole foods groceries where healthy shoppers can easily find them (Armstrong, & Kotler, 2015).
  • Promotion- the company will adopt the integrated marketing communication strategy which involves apportioning its promotional budget equally among the traditional and digital marketing channel. Social media marketing, television, billboards, brochures, and newspaper advertisements.
  • Product- the products will be uniquely formulated for the pet animals which means that the formulation will be uniquely designed for each dog's nutritional and health needs


While there are many pet food products in the market, the company's pet food formulations are uniquely formulated for the specific dogs. The company will ensure that each pet owners accesses the pet food that meets the nutritional and health needs of their dogs. The company will adopt a competitive pricing approach which means that the price will be interpolated between the highest and the lowest pet food products prices. Additionally, the companies will use the opportunism to reposition and create value. For example, the companies have identified the demand for natural products, so the company will position its products as natural pet food products and leverage the benefits presented by the established supply chain network


Armstrong, G., & Kotler, P. (2015). Marketing: An introduction (12th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.

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