Essay Sample: Competitive Ability to Acquire Surgical Robot Unit

Published: 2019-10-02
Essay Sample: Competitive Ability to Acquire Surgical Robot Unit
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The target of the provision of improved diagnostic capabilities in the healthcare with less invasive as well as more comfortable experience for the patients forms a competitive capability to acquire the surgical robot unit. Capacity to do smaller and more precise interventions help various health care centers to embrace the use of the surgical unit in their operations. The ability of the surgical robot unit to be used not for the open surgery also for the hysterectomies, joint replacement, the elimination of fibroids, kidney surgeries, as well as open-heart surgery make the hospitals to high demand for the machine. Besides, the ability of the device to be applicable with MRIs in the provision of organ biopsies has enabled the competition for the installation of the machine in hospital to remain high. The machine has been able to provide the best platform for the physicians who use the device in seeing the images of patients during the examination as they control the robot through computer fastening their work not just in the room or at the similar location as the patient in the facility. The idea of using a machine with the help of new technology has tremendously increased the ability of different health care centers to acquire surgical robot unit for their operations. The connection of the unit to the computer system has enabled specialist to do operations on the patient who is far away lacking either patient or practitioner having to go for the service to be complete. According to Orlewska (2011), the acquisition of surgical robot unit has remained competitive as it provides the best working environment for the physicians through the reduction of strain as well as fatigue. For instance, surgeries lasting for long hours can cause both a client and the finest surgeons to feel hand fatigue as well as tremors, while the surgical robot units are much steadier and smoother leading to the fastening of surgery.

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Stakeholders in acquisition of surgical robot unit

The interested parties in the relation to the present situation of approving procurement of the robotic surgical unit include both internal stakeholders plus external stakeholders (Orlewska, 2011). The internal stakeholders in this process consist of the health care management organization as well as the providers of health care like doctors and nurses in health organization. The outside stakeholders in an acquisition of surgical robot unit include the patients who seek treatment from the health care for treatment as well as the officials from the government.

Impact of acquiring a surgical robot unit to stakeholders

The acquisition of the surgical robot unit offers many potential benefits the stakeholders involved. Both policy makers like governmental bodies and clinicians express the enthusiasms that come with the purchase of surgical robot unit. The robot unit has enabled the management of health care organizations to address the limitation of traditional laparoscope as well as thoracoscopic surgery that have been in existence for long. The acquisition has thus allowed conclusion of complex as well as advanced surgical procedures with an increased accuracy in the minimally invasive method. The acquisition of robot unit around health care centers has improved series of motion compared with customary laparoscopic instruments by allowing the surgeon to carry out more surgical movements during their operations. Application of surgical robot unit has reduced the cases of mortality, morbidity among the patients as the hospital stay evaluating favorably to conservative laparoscopic operations. Besides, the use of technology in surgery by the management improves precision and dexterity as it makes surgeons to perform operations that were customary not amenable to least contact techniques (Dixon et al., 2014). The new technologies that come with surgical robot unit remain powerfully ally with healing roots in creating the new medium for and patient assessment through stimulation of all operations. The health care centers need to struggle to keep up with the new growth in surgical technology likely to reform the way they perform surgery. Acquisition of a surgical robot unit among the management results to appropriate hand-eye coordination as well as an ergonomic position, and improve visualization during the operation. The system of using surgical robot unit makes surgeries regard to be technically difficult or unfeasible previously to be possible with their current implementation.

External and internal factors affecting acquisition of surgical robot unit

Surgical robot unit remains to be a new idea as there is necessitate of an extra work to be practical during their purchase to improve their efficiency. The machines continue to be very expensive that make them prohibitive for many hospitals as well as health-care centers. The issues with it latency that focuses on the occasion fall between the moments when the physician moves the controls tabs as well as when the surgical robot unit responds remains to be a challenging factor in making a decision of purchase. There exists the chance for occurrence of an error from a human when physician is operating the set unit incorrectly programs the surgical root before surgery making the decision of purchase to be challenging. The rise in robot procedures in the recent years has left medical insurance plans to consider them as non-experimental or pay the superior rate than for more customary operations making the subscription of choice of robotic surgery to be difficult (Dixon et al., 2014). The external factors that affect the decision-making include increased complexity of medical services, the business environment where medical devices are developed, the process of innovation, as well as the international medical-device regulatory arena.

Reaction of patients

Many patients are still a concern with how they will be able to put their life in the hands of the robot surgeon upon the purchase of the surgical root unit. Many parents ask the health experts to assure them if the device is safer and more precise without any adverse impact on an individual life both before and after the performance of the surgeries. Patients are more concern if the use of finer instruments that come with the robot unit can reduce the damage that has been in place while from the application of traditional laparoscope as well as thoracoscopic surgery. Even though robot surgery through the acquisition of the unit sounds like the ultimate in safe, efficient, and effective in the health care in the 21-century many patients are still worry about the safety (Orlewska, 2011). The reaction of customers majorly bases on the idea that there still exist a chance for an error from the human in case the physician operating the surgical robot unit can incorrectly program prior the surgery leading to a complication during and after surgery. The reactions by the patients need proper follow-up before installing their usage for surgeries.

Impact of ability of organization to compete

The acquisition of the surgical robot machines enhances dexterity in different units as the instrument significantly enhances the ability of the surgeon to use the computer making the surgeons tremor be under remuneration on the end-effectors activity. The compensation can bring the organization to deal with a significant number of patients without rising cases of fatigue thus making the organization earn huge amount in performing surgeries to several patients at ago (Dixon et al., 2014). The reinstatement of appropriate hand-eye coordination and the ergonomic situation that come because of the use of technology enables the elimination of fulcrum effort, thus making instrument manipulation more intuitive. The idea eliminates the call for doctors to twist as well as turn in uncomfortable positions to move the instruments as they dream of the monitor making them increase their efficiency leading to increased rates of surgeries done to the patients. The increased in surgeries will enable the organization to earn high amount of money as compared to other agencies that have not embrace the use of technology in their operations.

Differences in economic factors considered prior purchase of the surgical robot unit

When the robotic surgery technology is positional to revolutionize processes of surgeries by improving as well as expanding laparoscopic procedure, advancement of surgical technology, as well as bringing process of surgery into the digital age economic factors must be considered. The organization needs to find the advantage of its usage while overcoming the implementation cost of the machine. The evaluation of purchase and maintenance costs must be adequately considered prior the purchase. The existence of fellowship-trained surgeon among the staff enables the organization to eliminate the burden of the learning curve for the procedure that allows the organization to save on costs that could be channeled for training on the machine usage before the purchase. The organization should be able to learn from the other organizations that have been using the machine to be able to determine the safety, risks, maintenance cost, efficiency, and success of the machine before they purchase one. According to Orlewska (2011), the organization needs to consider training and to credential on the usage of the machine, clinical applications of the robot in surgery, risks of surgery and cost-benefit analysis, as well as researching on the importance of the machine on the organization.


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