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Published: 2018-02-15 10:56:48
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The customer is always right

The slogan 'The customer always right' is a main mentality with most of the people. In most cases you find that the sellers or business people rely on the customers to sell their products. Without customers products cannot sell. Therefore i agree that the customer is always right. It is very important for the seller to always consider the customer's needs and listen carefully to what the customer says. 

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In most businesses, customers have their rights and which should be observed by the sellers or the administration. Although under some circumstances the customer might be so harsh and sometimes wrong about what he/she is arguing, the administration or the sellers should liaten to know what the customer compains about. Also in the case of the customer, the seller should consider customers feelings so as to keep that customer and not to lose him/her. Businesses can only grow due to customers amd without customers no business at all. 

Moreover, ensuring customer security is a very important aspect to ensure so as to grow a business. Customer security in this case might be how you treat the customer, if the customer's confidential information is kept a secret by the seller, is the customer satisfied by the services or products sold to him/ her? By ensuring this, the customer will always feel safe and therefore come back again and again. Therefore incase a customer complains about something, the seller should be in the first line to ensure that it is fixed and client is satisfied. 

On the contrary, some clients might be stubborn and so harsh on the sellers. This would make it so hard for the seller to understand the customer and offer the services or sell products as required of him/her. Dealing with this type of customers would be so hard. Some customers always need to be right even when they are wrong. They might need to be listened to and actions taken immediately to solve the same. In real sense, it would be so hard because the client wants to be right when it is evident he/she is wrong. Therefore under some circumstances, the customer as well might be wrong. From this issues, the customer might be raising problems where their really seems to be no problems. However, it is the seller first to listen and consider the customer before quick judgement. Maybe under some circumstances, the customer might be certain of what he/she is talking about of which the seller would not be having knowledge about the same. 

Im conclusion, it is always very important to consider customer's needa first, whether right or wrong. Customers sustain businesses and keep them growing. Without customers there would be no businesses. Therefore, i strongly agree with the phrase, 'The customer is always right.' Most customers understand about services and products therefore when they complain they are certain about what they are complaining about. There must be an issue when a customer complains therefore it is very important for the seller to consider the customer first and consider he/she as always right when solving issues. 


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