Drug Abuse, Free Essay for Everyone

Published: 2022-03-23
Drug Abuse, Free Essay for Everyone
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Drug abuse is one of the significant issues affecting many countries all over the globe. People engage in drug use due to various reasons like curiosity satisfaction, peer pressure, need for experience with drug life, drug legality, to experiment, drug availability and to have a feeling of belonging in a particular group. This essay aims at analyzing drug use in the United States community, the effects of drug abuse on the society, the most affected group in the US community, how to deal with the issue and the best method for data collection on drug abuse in the US area.

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The US is among the prosperous nations in the world. It has a total of 50 states each under local governance but under one administrative management. Substance abuse in the US has become one of the major causes of chronic health issues in America. Statistics show that more than 20 million US residents have been through drugs or a currently taking drugs (Substance, Mental & Office of the Surgeon General, 2016). Drug abuse has also cost the US more than 18 billion dollars every year to curb the health and productivity effects of drug use. Marijuana and alcohol are the most abused drug in America, followed by prescription drugs that have the highest rate of increased abuse (Bramness, Henriksen, Person & Mann, 2014).

The effects of drug abuse had run for hundreds of years when drug abuse became common. More than 8.9 million Americans show the negative effects of continuous drug abuse with over 55% lacking medical and psychological treatment. Many Americans have adopted to using prescription drugs for non-medical purposed, getting addicted to them as they use them continually (Sobell, Sobell, & Ward, 2013).

School drop-out and crime has increased due to the many young people lost in drug abuse in the US. The young generation is easily swayed by peer pressure, need to experience and the need to belong somewhere. Many drug deals happen in the streets and learning institutions that comprise the youths mainly. The amount of money used in drug rehabilitation centers, and to cure drug and alcohol-related diseases. The level of immorality also degrades as drug misuse continues. The young American generation is at much risk of having a low life expectancy and living lives with health difficulties. They even put their reproductive situations in danger endangering the next generation (Substance, Mental & Office of the Surgeon General, 2016).

Issuing of both open and closed questionnaires in learning institutions in American is the best ways of getting quality and first-hand information about drug abuse. Besides, a researcher can use medical statistics as recorded in by the hospitals and other health facilities on the number of patients noted with drug abuse effects. Moreover, one can conduct a one on one interview on people in areas associated with massive drug selling and abuse for more information (Bramness, Henriksen, Person & Mann, 2014).

The best method to reduce drug abuse in the USA is creating more awareness for the effects drug have on personal life. Families need to understand the impact of drugs and the best ways to avoid drug addiction. People also need knowledge on handling stress and pain to avoid ending up as drug addicts. The US should implement more activities for their youth to make good use of their free time to prevent turning of concentration to drugs (Sobell, Sobell, & Ward, 2013). For example, if every learner were involved in a sport or talent building programs after school, then students would use their time wisely rather than being idle and think of drugs

In conclusion, reducing drug abuse has become a big challenge in the US primarily because they don't have immediate adverse effects on its users.


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