Effects of drug abuse and addiction

Published: 2022-04-12
Effects of drug abuse and addiction
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Drug abuse is the usual take of illegal medications. Drugs are chemicals that influence the body and brain. Distinctive medications can have diverse impacts. A few impacts of drugs include wellbeing consequences that are durable and even permanent. They can even continue after a man has quit taking the substance. Today, in over 7 million individuals experience the ill effects of unlawful medication issues, and one out of four deaths comes about because of illicit drug use (Project Know, 2018). More deaths, diseases, and incapacities come from impacts of drug abuse than from some other preventable health condition. Individuals experiencing medication and liquor compulsion additionally have a higher danger of unexpected wounds, mishaps and aggressive behavior at home occurrences. This paper will discuss some of the negative effects of drug abuse and addiction.

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Effects to the brain

The human brain is the most complex organ in the human body. Drug and alcohol change the way someone feels by adjusting the chemicals that keep the brain working easily. When one first utilize drugs, the mind discharges a compound called dopamine that influences one to feel euphoric and need a greater amount of the drug. It's just normal to need a greater amount of the thing that influences one to feel great. After some time, the brain gets so used to the additional dopamine that one can't work ordinarily without it. Every other thing will start to change, including personal identity, memory, and substantial procedures that one may at present underestimate (Project Know, 2018).

Health problems

Drugs and alcohol use impacts almost all aspects of one's body from the heart to the lower bowel. Substance abuse can prompt strange heart rates and heart assaults, and injecting drugs can bring about fallen veins and diseases in the heart valves. Some drugs can likewise prevent bones from developing appropriately, while others result in extreme muscle cramping and general weakness. Using drugs over a long period will likewise in the long run harm the kidneys and the liver (DeCapua, 2018). Additionally, the addict is always sick due to the immune system being down. Mixing the drugs and prescribed medications may further increase the complications.


When one is under the influence of drugs or liquor, he/she may neglect to take part in safe sex practices. Having unprotected sex builds the odds of getting a sexually transmitted infection. Sharing the needles used to infuse certain drugs can give one infection like hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and HIV (Project Know, 2018). One can likewise spread normal colds, seasonal influenza, and mono from sharing channels and bongs.

Legal consequences

Drug and liquor abuse affects the wellbeing as well as having legal outcomes to deal with for the rest of someone's life. Numerous businesses require that one take a drug test before offering the work-a large number of them even conduct random medication tests even after you turn into employment. Declining to surrender drugs could wind up making one jobless, which accompanies considerably more issues. Driving while drunk or under the influence of substance can prompt a suspended driver's permit, ordinarily for a half year to 2 years (DeCapua, 2018). One will additionally need to pay substantial fines and may even spend some time in prison.

Financial issues

Drugs and liquor are costly, particularly when one is using a great deal and continually. Substance abuse likewise impacts efficiency and accomplishment at work and in school. The time spent looking for drugs, using and recovering from abuse can be better spent adapting new aptitudes to propel one career-wise. The legal issues associated with drug abuse increases one's bills too. Car and medical coverage rates may increase, and one should figure out how to pay for arrest warrants, DUIs, and lawful guidance (Project Know, 2018). Further, the addicted person adds more financial burden to the family and friends in various ways. Some families pay for rehabilitation fee for their loved one while others have to support the children of the affected person financially.

Injuries and death

On the off chance that one is using drugs and liquor, there is probably encounter of physical damage or be associated with car accidents. In the worst scenario, one likewise has an increased danger of death through both suicide and manslaughter. These drug-related deaths are on the rise, vehemently since the mid-1980s. Alcohol particularly brings about 5.2 million unplanned wounds and 1.8 million deaths every year. It's assessed that 1 out of each four deaths is caused by drug and liquor, as indicated by the World Health Organization (DeCapua, 2018).

Summing up drug and alcohol abuse is taking habitual take of illegal medications. Drug abuse makes one addicted in a way that the person cannot do anything without taking the substances. Drug abuse has adverse effects such as death. It may also lead to injuries, financial problems, and change of brain function. Statistics indicate that the high number of deaths and injuries are very high and are always on the rise since the mid of the 1980s.


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