Free Essay Describing The Chandler Mall

Published: 2017-12-28
Free Essay Describing The Chandler Mall
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At the Chandler Mall, most times I would be here doing some shopping or watching a movie. Today it is a bit different. I am at the mall to observe and learn and eventually understand the culture of the mall. Being one of the big malls in Arizona, Chandler Mall has a lot to see. The Mall houses large enterprises including Nordstrom, Sears, Macy’s and Dillard’s. It also has various premium retailers including the Banana Republic, Vera Bradley, H & M, Coach, Apple, Michael Kors and much more. It boasts of having more than one hundred and eighty-five shops which all offer the shopper a unique and unforgettable experience.

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There is both indoor and outdoor shopping experience available The Village an outdoor entertainment pavilion with restaurants, a twenty-screen movie theatre and the new outdoor lawn for various outdoor events. The restaurants, fashion stores, movie theatre and many other types of stores attract a lot of people to the store, and it is very busy. It has recognition across the whole of United States and therefore attracts many people to sample the goods and services available. I have placed myself at a point where everything is visible, and I can clearly understand what is happening.

The people moving around the mall are at an incredible level of elevation. It becomes apparent that the Chandler Mall is a happy place. There is a good number of people in the outdoor dining and entertaining plaza known as the village restaurants. Adjacent to these restaurants are lawn areas, a children’s splash pad and patio seating. Children are having a pleasant time in the splash pad playing with each other. A couple of groups of individuals are enjoying a picnic time, and others are just on the patio seating and lawn area enjoying the sun or a cold drink. The mall is clearly a point of beauty in the state, and Westcor, the original owner, and the Macerich Company gave their heart into developing the mall and making it into the modern enterprise.

My eyes then go back to the restaurants and the people who are having a real time sampling different meals and having other types of fun. There are families seated at different tables enjoying their meals, and other tables have individuals who seem to be friends, couples and just people enjoying their food. All this is evident through their communication their body language and their reactions to each other. As one gets back into the mall, there is security personnel at the entrance, and this is an indication of how the mall aims at keeping shop owners and people in the mall safe and assuring them that they are in a secure place. The security personnel are friendly and smile at people going to the mall.

The mall itself is a beauty to behold displaying a design that makes it unique and breathe taking. The marble floors, stone columns and large skylights bring out the modern yet contemporary design of the mall. The Arizona scenery isn’t left behind when it comes to the features in the mall all thanks to Arizona Highways. The walls in the mall are a magnificent display of large murals of different features that make Arizona state it is. The paintings of the Sonoran Desert, Sedona and the Grand Canyon make various points of the wall at the ends of each and various outdoor entrances to the mall beautiful.

The mall is huge with many different stores offering varying forms of services. I decide to walk around and come across the 3D Picture Frames store which gives individuals a chance to get pictures of their favorite professional football teams in 3D. There are various people in the shop getting different types of services. The store pulls its customers through the variety of unique services it offers. Another store I encounter is the Alterations By L which is a clothing shop that offers different types of clothing services like alterations, custom sewing and hemming. I see a lady in the shop making modifications making adjustments to a wedding dress she has on.

I continue to walk around the shop and children are running around as they follow their parents and some are trying to exit the mall. There are many teenagers taking pictures of the mall and others just talking as they walk around. The Ann Taylor store also stands out with the beautiful displays in its glass windows. The shop mainly offers ladies clothing goods, and there are women in the outlet trying to find a good fit. Shop attendants are also helping shoppers make appropriate choices for the type of clothes they would like to buy. I also spot some men in the shop and assume that they have accompanied female shoppers or are in the shop to find a gift for a lady they know.

Athleta is a sporting goods store for women. The shop has various types of sports clothing and boasts of the quality clothing it puts to the market. The store has some attendants taking care of clients who are doing a few, in particular for sports shoes. The malls boasts of a good amount of clothing stores and many individuals flock these shops to buy different clothing materials. Many of them are using various measures to ensure that they attract customers. The stores have some deals and offers while others are offering discounts on their products. It is clear that the sales are working due to the number of customers in their shops. The current offers are running from the twenty-third of November to the twenty-six of November. The 3D Picture frames outlet has a twenty-five percent offer, Bath & Body has various deals, BeBe has fifty percent offer for different selected items, Body Language has a forty percent off for some articles and more than ten other shops that are offering these discounts and deals.

Various individuals are getting different experiences at the mall. I come across various notices that explain the different events taking place at the mall. There is the Wildflower Kids Event where each Wednesday children enjoy a complimentary cookie, milk and activity from three to four in the afternoon. The event has been running for a while now and closes on the thirtieth of November.

There is also the happy hour taking place at different locations in the mall and at various times. The event has been running for a while, and it will go up to the thirty-first of December this year. These locations include BJ’S Brewery, Benihana, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chili’s, Firebirds Wood Fire Grill, Kona Grill, Majerle’s, The Old Spaghetti Factory, PF Chang’s, Sir Veza’s Taco Garage and The Keg Steakhouse & Bar.

The mall is also partnering with the community in offering conference rooms at the centre. I have noticed groups of people moving from specific parts of the mall, and they must be some of the groups using their rooms for meetings and different activities. The mall incorporates the services of some restaurants to offer catering services t the meetings or group activities for a subsidized price. The centre offers these rooms for organizations and local businesses for seminars, meetings, recruitment events and many other activities. I move around the mall to have a look at the conference rooms, and there are a few that have occupants. There are specifics of each hall that help these organizations make their choice. The community room goes for three hundred dollars daily which include utilities, clean-up and setting up the room. The Chandler room is two hundred dollars daily which includes services, clean-up and the room set-up. The room accommodates up to twenty-five people.

The mall does not only provide space for community meetings it also gives back in various ways. The mall works towards dealing with challenges in the community through financial support, volunteerism of employees, in-kind donations and various partnerships with non-profit organizations whose vision and mission are in line with those of the mall. One of the prominent organizations the mall partners and works with is the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation. There is also the shop Chandler campaign where the centre encourages residents from Chandler to promote local products through purchasing them. It also ensures that tax and returns remain in Chandler.

There is also a chance for schools to win up to three thousand dollars through the School Cents campaign where those schools that are participating earn points on every dollar spent at the centre. It is also working towards contributing to various organizations in the form of merchandise and mall gift cards.

The numerous shops at the mall mean that there are many opportunities for employment in the mall. All these outlets currently offer employment to many residents of Chandler. It is an indication that the primary beneficiaries of the mall are residents. There are however more job opportunities being advertised by the different shops. Chandler locals, therefore, get sufficient opportunities to work at the mall and not only develop themselves and their families but Chandler as a whole. The Chandler mall experience goes beyond just the availing of products and services and tries to bring happiness and satisfaction to its customers and employees. Employee satisfaction is clearly evident in the type of interaction the members of staff at the various shops give to their clients. Their plan and success of the different enterprises and the mall at large has its basis on the customers.

It is evident that every individual at the moment is having the time of their life and bonding as families, friends or even couples. It is a home for the residents of Chandler, and they find joy in coming to the centre and doing shopping or participating in many other activities at the shopping mall. The Chandler Mall experience is one I would want to come across frequently to get a feel of this magnificent place and try out various goods and services available in the mall.

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