Distorted Image - Essay about Adolf Hitler, Free Example

Published: 2022-02-23
Distorted Image - Essay about Adolf Hitler, Free Example
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History and the media have been able to portray the image of Adolf Hitler as a man of great cruelty and a threat to the lives of humankind during the era of World War II. Media outlets have been on the frontline in disseminating these forms of news that portray atrocities committed by the Nazi leader against the Jews and his role in triggering the World war II without integrating the good image of the Nazi leader that enabled him to conquer the World War II. However, most individuals have failed to have self-conversation and think about whether the information that is being portrayed the media outlets if they hold any water. The text plays a significant role in carrying an in-depth evaluation of how the various significant media outlets have distorted the image of Adolf Hitler a historical icon of German as a symbolic leader and inspirational leader to the Germans. Adolf Hitler who was then the leader of Nazi Germany performed a vital function in leading Nazi Germany and its allies into defending itself against enemy countries which actively participated in World War II. The contemporary community has been on the frontline on creating unrealistic perceptions of Adolf Hitler exaggerate expectations that have been set about him in the modern world.

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Adolf Hitler once defined the obliviousness of citizens plays a significant role in creating poor governance in multiple countries. However, the media in many news headlines have been quick to indicate that Adolf Hitler was the perfect description of bad governance. In analyzing comments that were made by Adolf Hitler, he was right to criticize such leaders as most nations fail to meet the needs of its citizens due to poor governance. The media has been on the frontline in advocating for democratic states as citizens are tasked with the role of selecting leaders and it's by this fact, nationalist have protested to atrocities that they perceive to be unjust. Most governments where the citizens tend to ignore the incidence of adverse governance are more often to collapse. However, the media foaled to indicate that Adolf Hitler was a man who adored and loved his country people. The media failed to suggest that actions committed by Adolf Hitler against the Jews were justifiable and acceptable by the Nazi Germans. The press was unable to show Germany citizens viewed this as an action plan to defend his country from being controlled by refugees in their nation who were primarily the Jews. For this reason, Adolf Hitler image should be reflected by the media as already who had the interests of his people at heart compared to the negative image that is portrayed by the media.

The media has been on the frontline in indicating that actions of Hitler were unjustifiable. However, in evaluating the roles and activities of Adolf Hitler on the world war II was justifiable. Adolf Hitler once defined how an attack was more expedient during a battle rather than the application of the defense. The media has failed to indicate Adolf Hitler as a persistent military leader showed significant courage while engaging with other great nations during world war II. Also, the media has been on the frontline indicating Hitler as a looser and yet failed to show the winning mentality that Hitler had during the world war. The winning attitude of Hitler drove him and his army in seeking victory for the Nazi Germans during the war. Also, the wisdom aspect of Hitler has not been mentioned as h was a man of great wisdom as integrated strategic plans on attacks carried out on ships of enemy countries. The sources of media have portrayed the image of Hitler as a weak leader and prone to vulnerabilities. The unique aspect of Adolf Hitler to identify the weakness of his enemies plays a significant role in classifying him as a strong leader.

Adolf Hitler was viewed as a global spirit. Most historians focused on the negative aspects of Adolf Hitler's life and forgot to address the healthy lifestyle he had. Adolf was a man whose deeds were to be adored and imitated by many people in our society. The rare thing about Adolf Hitler was that Adolf Hitler neither took alcohol nor smoked tobacco. Adolf Hitler was a man of exceptional moral and health standards in society. Adolf Hitler could be used as an excellent example to the youths as the importance of maintaining good living standards and the adverse effects of using drugs. The history books should address Adolf Hitler due to his unique healthy living habits as a leader who was drug-free.

All in all, the media has relied on the negative side of Adolf Hitler's life to draft the history and biography of Adolf Hitler without integrating the positive aspects of Adolf Hitler during his reign of Nazi Germany. Most people of the contemporary world have built their perceptions of Hitler based on the negative image portrayed by the media. However, the media should have covered the positive aspect of Adolf Hitler as his actions were acceptable and justifiable as he committed all the perceived atrocities to keep his countrymen safe.

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