Essay Example on the Branches of the Government

Published: 2019-06-03
Essay Example on the Branches of the Government
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Governance is a difficult task to perform, as the government has to perform many tasks fairly. The ability of one body to perform all these tasks effectively is limited. It is therefore necessary for the three branches of the government to be formed to provide efficiency fairness and oversight over the country. The three branches of the government ensure that different powers of the government are used appropriately to promote the development of the country. For efficiency, these three powers need to be exercised by three different bodies to ensure that fairness and responsibility. Each branch of the government has its own responsibility that it has to do to ensure that the country develops fairly. The idea of separation of power originated from the Greek empire and has developed to the modern day. It is one of the most common principles of governance that has been practiced in all forms of governments both communists and capitalists.

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In America, this system of governance came into place in 1787 after a conference of delegates from different states took place. The mission of the delegates conference was to develop a constitution that would work for the country and promote development in the country. The distribution of these powers would promote fairness and development of the country. These bodies would be intertwined in such a way that they would work together with each body exercising great levels of independence and autonomy. Each body had roles that were defined clearly with the work of promoting prosperity in the nation. America, being a democratic nation, has each of these bodies working independently to ensure that the nation develops in a fair and just manner. The success of the democracy in America depends on their ability to exercise these branches of the government.

The executive branch of the government is arguably the main branch of governance that oversees the day-to-day running of the countrys daily affairs. The executive comprises of the president, vice president and the cabinet. The executive has the duty of performing and implementing various policies in the government. The head of the executive derives his power from the people through elections and has the duty of ensuring that these laws and the polices of the country are well implemented. The president appoints the vice president before he is elected into office. He is obligated to have a running mate while conducting his presidential campaign. The running mate should share his ideals and visions to ensure that they can work together in the cabinet. If the president cannot perform his duties for various reason such insanity sickness or death, the vice president assumes the powers of the presidency. The president then has to appoint a cabinet that enforces the policies of the government.

The cabinet is an important member of the executive branch of the government that ensures the development and implementation of different policies. The cabinet is the advisory committee of the president that advise him on how to implement various policies of the government and promote development. The president has to choose a cabinet of intellectuals who have high levels of knowledge and practice high integrity levels. The cabinet oversees the execution of different policies and promotes the growth of different aspects of the country. The cabinet comprises of the heads of different departments who ensure the holistic development of the country. The heads of these departments oversee the execution of different policies in their departments and report to the president about the performance of their department. The president exercises supreme power over the executive of the country and has the power to control all the functions of the executive branch.

The legislative branch of the government is a very important branch of the government. The legislative branch consists of the congress, which consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate. These bodies have to work together to ensure that they serve the general interests of the American citizens. The congress has the power of oversight over the executive arm of the government. The legislature has to ensure that the government works well and exercises different powers effectively. The House of Representatives comprises of 435 representatives from the 50 States of the country. These representatives get into power through elections that are carried out in different parts of the country. The number of representatives from each State depends on the population of the State. In addition to these, there are six non-voting representatives from the District of Columbia, the Common Wealth of Puerto Rico and four other territories of the country. The duty of these representatives is to protect the interests of the minority groups. The Speaker of the house of the representatives is the third in succession from the president and assumes the powers of the presidency in case of the president and his deputy cannot act.

The vice president of the Unites acts as the president of the Senate. The Senate is comprised of 100 senators with two senators representing each State. Initially the senators were elected into office by the state legislatures. However, in 1913, this policy changed and the people had to elect the senators into ix year terms of office. The Senate has the duty of confirming all the appointments of the president and give powers to any international treaties. The Senate governs the international affairs of the nation. The senate has to allow any bill that is passed to become law.

The judiciary is the final arm of the government with the duty of ensuring justice is upheld in the country. The main work of the judiciary is to interpret and apply the law in the country. The judiciary is the branch of the government that has the responsibility of the solving all the disputes that arise in the country based on the dictates of the law and the constitution. The judiciarys main duty is to guarantee every person in the nation a fair trial as provided in article three of the constitution. The head of the judiciary is the chief justice and has the duty to oversee the ethical activities of the judicial system. The Supreme Court is the most powerful court in the country it has the duty of ensuring that justice is upheld in all cases. The court listens to cases of appeal that gives judgments in cases that have been heard in previous cases. This court has the duty of solving complex cases involving other arms of the government. The judges of the Supreme Court can only be taken out of office by a vote of no confidence from the congress. The judiciary consists of many courts and has the duty of ensuring every person in the state has access to justice. The judiciary has the duty of promoting a good relationship between the executive and the Legislative arms of the government.

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