Reflection Essay Example on Hamlet

Published: 2017-09-03
Reflection Essay Example on Hamlet
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Hamlet is the son of Queen Gertrude and late King Hamlet; he is also nephew to the current King, Claudius, he was a student at the University of Wittenberg. Hamlet is debated as the most dramatic character ever made. From the time I come across the deflated prince, I become delighted by his graceful vividness. He is a man of revolutionary controverts; he seems reckless but very conservative, gracious yet impolite, loving but furious. Hamlet comes across the death of his father with consuming assault and clean-handed outrage, yet reveals the lack of self-reproach when she is responsible for the loss of lives of the meddlesome Guildenstern and Rosencrantz, and the administering lord chamberlain, Polonius. He further applies the delicate and sinless Ophelia just like an exit for his sicken to the queen, and cannot understand that his cruel words have driven her insane. Hamlet has many defects. He has negative qualities like hate, hurriedness, irresolution, barbarism, and obsession which may facilitate Hamlet's perspective as a tragic champion. For long, Hamlet has been linked with the character of Shakespeare like a masterly act of literary works. It is among the well-nigh motioned, historied and learned pieces of all period; the wonder of accomplishments from among the most famous writers to ever select the refined pen of words. Those who have knowledge about the play, often wonder at the complexness of Hamlet himself and discuss his behavior of hesitating of action throughout the tragedy, for instance, the supposed murder of Claudius, which he must do. Although many scholars acknowledge Hamlets character on grounds for delay, professionals have yet to point their views on Hamlets motifs on how he behaves and why. However, his character of hesitating is less convoluted and intriguing of the matters; his principle of purpose is what guides the entire literary work to be composite.

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From Hamlets behavior, I will serve him in a human way without employing any form of order or intimidation. Hamlet requires someone who does not put blames on him or someone who assumes he is guilty. Failure to greet him well, according to him, will indicate some degree of bias to him and his family. Further, he wants to be respected, meaning that if I immediately start by referring the persons who he feels do not respect him, he will create a negative attitude to me. I will expect the response that can satisfy what I am required. I will ask him open questions from which I will be able to obtain rightful information if to face trial or not. For example, Hamlet, how do you feel mistreated by the principal administrators of Denmark? In this question, he may highlight some people he has built enmity with. The query will initiate him open up and tell more. Another question I will ask him is whether did he witness the deaths of people. In his response, I will examine if he is trying to cheat because when one cheats he or she is likely to forget in the next closely related questions. I will also ask him if he participated in any of actions that led to deaths of people or rescuing any of them. Of course I know, he will take the option of rescuing lives. I will be aware that he fought against others to save the lives of particular individuals in his family or closest relatives. I may require him to tell me anything he regrets to have done during the period he survived death. Most likely, he will say something wrong he did that was inhumane, and I will be able to measure his degree of being guilty.

I know Hamlet may respond to my questions in a rude way and try to intimidate me, but I will be tolerant until we understand one another, I will pretend to be in his situation so that he feels free to me. I will be polite to him. Always, the people who are rude will accept those who are polite. I will accommodate all the abuses he will make against me and appreciate them but give him a reason for being as he suggests. For instance, you lackey, and you are quite a dullard, arent you?. But, finally he will accept, and we come to the same level and discuss issues in-depth, and I will collect all the responses I want for Fortinbras and analyze them if Hamlet is to face trial or not. In my process of investigation, I will make use of more than two languages he is familiar with. His native and vernacular language is most preferable. The vulgar language will allow him to feel that, him, and I belong together. My report to Fortinbras will include my analysis of Hamlets responses detailing what he might have done during the period of surviving death. The report will also indicate the recommendations to his case after examining his madness levels. It will show if his insanity or personality influenced his actions in search of power.

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