Drugs in Sport - Free Essay for Everyone

Published: 2018-11-14
Drugs in Sport - Free Essay for Everyone
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Why College Athletes Should Be Drug Tested

In the recent experience, there has been rising the level of college athletes falling victims of drug use and even being caught to be using different drugs. It is getting to a level where not only are the college students putting into application drugs which are enhancing performance but they are also proved guilty of using other illegal drugs like cocaine and Marijuana. Regardless of any drug abused by college athletes, the athletes who are participating at the college level are supposed to be exposed to a regular drug test (Goldberg). This should be mandatory so as to disqualify and even ban those students who are enhancing their performance through the use of legal and illegal drugs.

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College athletes participate in sports to fairly compete and to facilitate competition through entertaining the viewers and showcasing and unleashing the potential talents at the college level. Additionally, much concentration is put on ensuring equality and fairness in the sports sector. When there exist a mandatory drug test, testing will ensure that justice prevails at all level and even make sure that every student-athlete, taking part in the competition process is equal when it comes to equal participation among all (Goldberg).

Notable, students athletes, should go through the drug testing process, athletes are supposed to possess a mind which is clear and not under the influence of substances like drugs. Any college athlete who is refusing drug test then have something strange to hide .clearly, any athlete student taking part in athletes and at the same time enhancing his or her performance through drugs, show a bad reputation and dirty image to the schools they are representing. Schools should facilitate necessary test to prevent a representation of the bad image and bad reputation of their athlete-students who get involved in illegal things to enhance performance.

Work cited

Goldberg, Raymond. Drugs Across the Spectrum. Cengage Learning, 2009. Print.

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