Essay Example: Personal Statement for Pharmacy School

Published: 2017-09-27
Essay Example: Personal Statement for Pharmacy School
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Pharmacy School Personal Statement Example

My choice of pharmacy as a career is an issue I speak passionately about as quite serious reasons made me decide to go down this path. Pharmacy has fascinated and continues to fascinate me to date, with the human body continually being a masterpiece in its way. Scientists discover new facts about the human body every day, yet it does not change.

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I am currently a practicing pharmacy technician, after graduating with Chemistry major from Cal State Long Beach. The practice of pharmacy is an enjoyable field for me as it provides an opportunity to provide support to human beings at the hour of need. Given that there are no ready-made solutions to the different issues that I confront at my workplace, I am always required to adopt an innovative thinking process to obtain the required solutions. As such, I find my work to be challenging and at the same time enjoyable as a result of the mind stimulations. It is with the view of understanding that I am currently limited to work I can be able to do as a pharmacy technician that I would like to increase my knowledge in the field.

My prowess in academia gave me an upper hand when it came to career paths. I was, and still am, quick to understand concepts and applications that are taught in class. Notably, I struggled with my GPA for some time during my undergraduate studies as a result of the distraction that came from the loss of my grandfather who was lost his life due to colon cancer. I never gave up on my goal to advance in my education and I went ahead to increase my scores every semester as I wanted to honor my grandfather who had been my inspiration.

My belief in the hands-on approach is what led me to volunteer at Saint Joseph Hospital Pharmacy for six months. I also undertook an internship with Walgreens drugstore with the aim to grow my pharmaceutical skills. Apart from being able to provide services to the patients who visited the places where I worked, the opportunities provided me with a rare chance to have an insider look at the issues related to pharmaceutical practice. As a result, this grew my desire to increase my knowledge in the field so that I can play a role in developing the required policies.

Regarding long-term professional goals, I look forward to work in a community pharmacy in order to gain more experience in running a pharmaceutical organization. My ultimate goal is to own a pharmacy once I increase my skills. Volunteering will help with constant training and broaden my networks in the pharmaceutical industry. Revolutionizing the practice of pharmacy will also be one of the agendas that I intend to accomplish after completing my education. One day there will exist cures for chronic diseases like cancer that keep claiming the lives of our loved ones. HIV/AIDS is another major killer that requires continued efforts as far as research is concerned to ensure that the issue is tackled to completion. After I graduate, I will mentor other students and urge them to take up courses related to pharmacy and healthcare as there is an increasing need for the skilled workforce on this front. Always forging ahead definitely gives us assurance of a better tomorrow as far as the health sector is concerned.

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