The Book Avas Man

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Charlie had grew up in poverty then fought it all his life and died with nothing but a family that adored him. Most importantly he was a drinker who did not get angry and he protected his kids at all costs. For example, he paid the doctor who delivered his daughter Margaret with a jar of whiskey. The Bundrums were in a lot of poverty. Bundrum did not have a stable job and yet he was the breadwinner. Ava would make grits, and fry up a mess of eggs, and twist open the top of a jar of preserves, and they would eat like rich people, only rich people dont really eat this good (Bragg 172) their best meal was not pleasing because even the rich cannot eat such a meal. He did not have a stable job he even moved her family twenty one times during the Great Depression in order to get a better job. She could have hated her life (Bragg153) his wife Ava admired the rich life of her sister Grace rather than her life which comprised of rented houses, hard labor in the cotton field and poverty.

His children relived him. When he died, cars lined the blacktop for more than a mile this shows that his children were not living a better life. Thus, the experiences they had gone through with their parents had shaped them to become successful in life. A man like Charlie Bundrum doesnt leave much else, not a title or poverty, not letters in the attic. Theres just stories, all told second and third hand, as long as somebody remembers (Bragg 18) To them their father was a role model who was a friend, good provider, and a teasing husband. Moreover, he did not have much education but did whatever he could in order to feed and sustain his family of five kids and he never backed down.

During Great Depression most families were faced with starvation because food was expensive. Unfortunately, the depression worsen and food, cloths, and money as a result of this most Alabamians stopped going to school, church, or any other social function. This was as a result unemployment and products were very costly (Lionel 98). People migrated from rural areas to the city in search of jobs and a better just as Charlie did he moved 21 times during the depression. This returned to normal in Alabama after the World War II. Charlie fit better in the past of the river, of these foothill than in the here now (Bragg 98) this shows that even after the return of prosperity Charlie does not change much. Thus, Urbanization grew during this era as well as slum communities due to unemployment.

As a result of great depression the government imposed import tax on foreign goods and increased the income tax. Unfortunately, this did not work as expected because it made things worse. Reduction of interest tax, building of council houses, and reduction in price were effective in reducing the depression (Lionel 102). The southern Scotland was greatly affected by these changes because they were main importers of good to the south. This nation events had a negative impact on Scotland because most of it industries were closed down after the World War II due to increase in competition (Lionel 78). Favorably, new industries were established such as the light industries.

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