Pets Essay: Crafting an Inspiring and Catchy Paper Everyone Will Love

Published: 2021-06-14
Pets Essay: Crafting an Inspiring and Catchy Paper Everyone Will Love
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Pets Essay Example to Inspire

Academic assignments may be different. Some of them require excellent writing skills, while others focus on the creativity and flexibility of the learner. No matter if you have never worked on a similar assignment, you will have a high chance to succeed with this task, as it is always easy to talk about something you are excited about. Do you have a pet? Have you ever dreamt of a dog or cat? Be free to express your feelings and ideas, but make sure you do it in a scholarly and logical manner.

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Does it sound easy, but the task is still too complicated to accomplish? No need to get disappointed, as there is always a chance to get the necessary inspiration, viewing the examples of similar works. Check out a few samples of the pet essays to advance your chances to gain the desired results and work on the task eagerly.

There are numerous reasons why people consider dogs to be the best pet. First of all, it is critical to remember that a pet is a domestic animal that should be loved. Additionally, the owners should treat fluffy friends with affection and care, receiving pleasure and companionship in return. If you take some time to observe the dog’s behavior, you will notice that they act truly like the best animals, liking your feet when you feel cold and licking the owner’s face to wake him up in the morning. According to world statistics, dogs belong to the category of the most tamed animals that have got the status of the best friend of a man. Besides, it is hard to find a pet parent who does not always keep the furry child in heart. The main task of this essay is to explain basic reasons why dogs are considered to be the best pets. Loyal, healthy, funny, friendly, and reliable dogs and their devotion to the owner will become the fundamental thesis of the essay.

Teaching and training pets can be challenging and complicated. Not a single pet owner will deny that some pets love to be trained more, while others prefer to ignore any instructions. Nonetheless, dogs are still known as the most easily and rapidly trained pets in the world. Comparing them to other animals, it is indispensable to highlight that even as small puppies, they do not usually get frustrated and confused in practice, which makes the training not only easy but also comfortable. Besides, the overwhelming majority of dogs are smart, so that they can rapidly pick up good habits and learn new tricks without much effort.

Moreover, specific dog breeds, such as Border Collies, do not even get tired during the training. They can repeat the same tricks and perform certain commands over and over again. Just compare them to lazy cats or some dog breeds that will never do the same command a couple of times, and you will be impressed with such a feature. At the same time, there is a significant controversy between the dog trainees that discuss how hard or easy it is to train a pet. From my personal experience working with dogs, I can claim that these animals are obedient, active, and highly trainable.

Why Dogs Are the Best Pets Essay Example

For many years dogs have been known as man's best friends and companions. They are not only loving and caring but also loyal and devoted. If you have a look at the history, you will notice lots of stories about dogs working side by side with their owners accomplishing the most challenging tasks and helping them survive in difficult situations. The results of numerous studies have proved that dogs are affectionate and loving, especially when it comes to their proprietor. The overwhelming majority of pet owners who have adopted their fluffy friends from the shelter keep talking about the gentle character of their friends.

At this point, it is critical to emphasize that some people consider that dogs are as obedient and attentive to people just because of the food they receive from them. However, have you ever seen the happy and smiling face of the canine the moment his parents were back from a long-lasting trip? Have you ever watched the puppy welcoming his little friend after school? There is something different here, and food is far not the main reason for such a reaction. If compared to other pets, dogs can be called a symbol of friendship, love, and loyalty in every single aspect. The unconditional love of these animals cannot be overestimated. According to the studies, canines do not have a sense of betrayal. They will behave the same way, no matter if you leave them alone for a certain time or give them less food. Dogs will remain loyal and friendly irrespective of the circumstances.

Most dog owners specify another important aspect that makes dogs the best pets. Taming a dog can trigger considerable health benefits. At this point, it is critical to mention the social, emotional, psychological, and physical advantages of human interaction with canines. Studies have proven that people who own a dog are less susceptible to heart attacks. Moreover, the canine company is likely to decrease blood pressure, as it will eliminate the level of stress and anxiety that can sometimes bother the pet owner. Besides, one should consider the emotional benefit of taming a dog. In most instances, canines become the best company for people who suffer from emotional distress or other problems. As mentioned in numerous reviews, dog owners feel safer and calmer even in the most challenging situations, especially if the pets are around. Furthermore, dogs advance interaction between them and their owners.

Taking into account all the above-mentioned factors, dogs offer more advantages for a human than any other animal. Excellent companionship, maximum loyalty, and impressive health state are the key values dogs can supply their owner with. While other pets just give their owners a hard time training and interacting with them, dogs remain the best domestic animals that have nothing else but mere benefits.

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