Creative Writing Essay Example If the Car Could Talk

Published: 2018-11-01
Creative Writing Essay Example If the Car Could Talk
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Everyone has a car and anyone who does not have a car dreams of owning one. There are different types of cars each costing different prices. Cars are by means one of the expensive and reliable machines that an individual can own. While others can afford more than ten vehicles, others can only afford one. Some people even take loans to buy cars. A car would take you wherever you want to go. It never complains. People treat their cars differently. While others respect and love their cars for the services the car is giving them, others just take the car a non-living machine that is best used for movement purposes. However, assuming that the car could talk, what would the car say. Cars have different experiences and hence would tell different stories. The paper personifies and imagines a car talking.

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My name is Car. I come in different designs and models. My most common models are Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, and Nissan. People buy me for various purposes, the main one being to take them to different places. I have traveled the world, gone to different countries, and I have seen a lot of things. My experience with the world and with people has been both exciting and challenging (Stein 2). While I have enjoyed some moments, the other moments I have gone through bad situations, and I would not want to go back to them. I am owned by people from different social classes. For instance, the rich like buying the expensive and latest models of my design and the poor would pick anything that they can afford. The people who drive me have different ways of treating me. Some people only know how to drive me. They know nothing else, even when I need a little service in my engine, they would not tell. For that reason, I have a few things I want to tell people (Stein 5).

First, once or twice in a week give me a bath. Some of you take a whole month to give me a bath. They make me look filthy. Some even when they decide to wash me forget to clean my inside. They leave the dust and litters on my floor. As a result, I always smell. I don’t like giving that bad odor to people (Han 415). I like it when I am sparkling clean and attractive. My engine also needs to be cleaned once in a while. There are a lot of dust in my engine clogging some tubes like exhaust pipe and fuel pipe. They make breathing difficult and therefore force me to use a lot of energy during combustion. They also make sound annoying. Regular bath would stop me from rusting and look new all the time. I love it when I move around and people stare at me in admiration. I love when every child wants to touch my body and feel how soft and clean I am. Giving me a bath would boost my confidence and would not care what other people and cars are saying about me. Having to go through a day’s weather variation where I am rained on and then get hit by the sun destroys my skin (Han 416). It makes my paints come out and make my skin look rough. Therefore, a cold bath in the evening using a sweet-smelling soap would be nice. It would show me a lot of love and appreciation that I need during such moments (Han 417).

I once drove through an entire distance of 4000-miles without stopping. On this particular day my owner was in a rush because he was late after missing his fight. You should remember my feet get tired too. Sometimes traveling that long distance without stopping increases the pressure in my tires and they may end up bursting. You need to give me some time to rest. According to Aydogan et al. (405), some of the drivers just slam their foot on the brakes and take it off when they feel like causing me to rub my tires on the road very hard. They do not care about the damage they causing on my feet and the broken system. Sometimes a wish I could get a foot massage. It would ease the pain and pressure I sometimes feel on my feet that make me very uncomfortable even when I am forced to go the long miles on the road. Be considerate. Replace my worn out tires and be checking my break-system to ensure it has no damages. You would not like it if the broken system fails and my tires are also worn out that they cannot perform anymore (Aydogan 407).

Before I forget, I once saw a lorry friend of mine carrying tons of the load. The load was so heavy that I wondered how he still managed to move. I pitied him. I said to myself that if my owner were to subject me to such torture, I would not start my engine. I would sit there until he removed the entire heavy luggage from my body. I mean that it would be unfair to put too much load on me. I can also feel weight because I am designed to carry only a particular burden. I can only give a specific number of people too. I do not like it when people squeeze themselves in me just to get their destination. Give me some breathing space. My springs and bumpers are not desired to overload (Lambert 10).

As I come to the end of my story, let me mention one last thing. I have seen my friends being stolen or broken into because their owners were too careless and left them in unsecured places. I do not like being left in places I do not know. When you have to leave me behind because you are going for something important, please look the doors and shut down my engine. Leaving my doors open or the engine moving and rushing into the coffee shop is a direct invitation to thieves to drive me away (Gabrys 185). Also, activating my alarm system would help. It would alert anyone around that my system has been altered by an intruder or someone is trying to steal my wheels.

My list is long, but the most important one is that is that in all my years of service, I have always tried to impress my owner. I take them to work on time, take their children to school, bring them for adventure and ensure that they never get late. All I ask is a little respect. Take me to a good mechanic once in a while. Replace the damaged parts and let me look new every day. Oil my engine since it gives me enough lubrication I need for breaking and fuel combustion. Do not let my engine to dry up (Gabrys 193).

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