Telegraphy Essay Sample

Published: 2019-06-14
Telegraphy Essay Sample
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Telegraph is a long distance transmission of the textual or symbolic message without the exchange of any physical object. The main requirement in telegraphy is that the method used for the encoding of the message be known to both the sender and the recipient of the message. Ancient civilization demanded that information is relayed through unscrupulous methods such as the use of drumbeats to signal for official meetings or an invasion by enemies within a community. Smoke was also used as a signal to pass information between people coming from far flanked regions. Even though this method looked convenient and almost perfect by then, they still had limitations related to distances covered, weather interruptions such as rainfall, efficiency concerns, a misread of information by the recipient just to mention a few. This, therefore, created the need for innovations to improve on the existing modes just to make mans life a little more convenient. The need for uninterrupted line of sight between the sender and recipient led to new inventions. Foot messengers became the option of the day, physically fit men were sent from place to place for a fee. However, the more the men delivered messages; the more demand increased to send even information further. The limitation of distance and distortion of the original message carried by the sender, therefore, paved room for another invention. Letters, print media and telegrams came into place. One would send a letter and the recipient receives it within a fortnight. Telegrams were even better because the recipient would get the information within a day or two. Also, the demand for messages intended to reach more than one recipient at a time was also increasing. People were becoming concerned with the political, economic and sociocultural issue in the name of news; this basis paved the way for mass media inform of radio waves and later television sets. Changes in times has even created more needs within human nature, we now demand reading news within our phones or office computers or the comfort of our living rooms. Time changes fast, so does innovations.

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The Bridge

The transition of students from high school to college is a spectacular event that not even a single student wants to miss, it's like crossing a tall, delicate bridge with crocodiles beneath the deep waters ready to swallow wholly whoever drops from the tall end the Bridge would be the title of my magazine to capture the link between high school and entry to college.

The Bridge would tackle pertinent issues related to teenage male and females; it would introduce the students to counseling on teenage sex, early pregnancies, HIV/Aids awareness and dangers of engagement in early sex. The magazine would also cover drug use and abuse within teenagers. Besides the magazine would also have an interactive section named ask Aunt Jane where students would actively interact with the editor and a counselor directly to answer some of their concerns both morally and academically.

The sole intention of this magazine is to pass knowledge to students. However, the magazine would still be sold out to students to generate revenue. Part of the proceed would be allocated to needy students tuition fee within the campus as a way of giving back to society. Marketing will only be online as its the fastest and most convenient method through which students would read the magazine. The magazine would be purchased online at a fee after the student has registered within our portal and the document would be in a format not easy to transfer from one student to another to maximize on sales.

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