Free Essay Example on Addiction Recovery Care

Published: 2023-11-10
Free Essay Example on Addiction Recovery Care
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Addiction Recovery Care is an organization the offers care and treatment services to those struggling with addiction issues. The organization provides for both residential and outpatient centers. Throughout its services, the organization effectively uses the social learning theory and the cognitive-behavioural approach. The social learning theory is a concept of learning action and social conduct, which suggests that one can acquire new behaviours by imitating others (McGaghie & Harris, 2018). Addiction Recovery Care uses this theory by, for example, the caregivers teach new material and tasks, help the patients to solve challenges, and to control emotions. Fundamentally, the organization uses social learning theory by changing the client's harmful habits and establish new appropriate conduct. The clients can learn and copy from the caregivers.

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On the other hand, Cognitive-behavioural approach is a temporary care-focused psychotherapy surgery that considers an immediate practical appeal to solve problems (Taylor, 2017). Addiction Recovery Care uses the cognitive-behavioural approach by daring and changing dangerous cognitive behaviours. It also helps customers to enhance their emotional adjustment, and establishment of personal strategies that aim at solving current situations. All these are achieved by training and mentoring clients. Both the social learning theory and cognitive behavioural approach have helped Addiction Recovery Care to meet both the specific and cultural needs by incorporating the best practices of clinical drug addiction treatment with Christian spiritual enrichment and development.


Nonetheless, we would like to incorporate solution-focused therapy in future. It is a goal-oriented and unified perspective to psychotherapeutic transition that is carried out through explicit examination of the client's reactions to a sequence of accurately developed quizzes (Franklin & Johnson, 2017). This model will be beneficial at Addiction Recovery Center because it concentrates on getting solutions at present and hence saving on time. This concept will help to engage, assess and evaluate the clients quickly by formulating critical questions on the client's well-being. For example, through the constructed questions, the client will be able to identify their strengths and life goals.


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