Technology, Work, and Organizations. Paper Exampl

Published: 2023-03-04
Technology, Work, and Organizations. Paper Exampl
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Technology plays a significant role in every organization. The technique involves the application of modern methods in vital business processes, developing machinery, and introducing and improving current and existing products. In the current business environment, innovation has come up with new ways of doing things that organizations. Therefore, every organization yearns for improving its processes, products, and employee management. Hence, this paper is mainly going to look at the roles that technology plays in an organization.

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One of the roles of technology in an organization is that it provides a business with a great opportunity of improving its performance, the overall effectiveness of the products, and its services. This helps the company to favorably compete in the market sector because its operations are up to date. Furthermore, it will enable the company to expand more because, with the application of technology in production, customers will prefer the improved products, hence increasing its customer base and profits at large. Technology helps a business to identify new ways of improving production; therefore, the products are of high quality because most customers are always willing to pay more to obtain quality.

The other role of technology to organizations is that it assists the business to keep the records of business transactions for decision making. New technology has brought in the idea of keeping the business data safely, manage contacts, and maintaining employee records. It has enabled easy access to such data whenever required, hence making it possible for tracking the organization's progress. Therefore, it is easier for the management of the organization to track the changes and make various decisions concerning various aspects. Such choices include improving or establishing new products, which is by looking at how the current product is being perceived in the market. Furthermore, employee information would greatly assist in making decisions such as promotions and hiring.

The other role of technology in the organization is that it connects the business to its environment. The rise of e-commerce services has made it possible for the company to interact freely in the business environment. This has reduced the level of human resources required to operate business activities, hence saving it from incurring additional costs. Also, e-commerce has brought various business models such as business to consumer and business t business models, which significantly impacts on the business operations. One is that they enhance transactions hence improving business efficiency because everything is done online. The other advantage is of the models is that it helps the business to acquire a competitive advantage.

Technology also helps the organization in planning for its resources. This includes all enterprise resource planning such as accounting, human resources, manufacturing, among others. Therefore, the organization can place all these functions in a database where they can easily access it. Technology, therefore, has enabled the organization to carry keep such information and edit it as the need arises.

In conclusion, technology plays a vital role in ensuring organizational success. Technology helps the business to improve performance in its business processes. The other purpose of technology to the organization is that it enables the company to keep records and also to connect to its environment. Lastly, technology plays a role in ensuring that the organization keeps track of its resources, such as human resources, accounting, among others.

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