Paper Example on Scottish Airlines Branding Plan

Published: 2023-02-14
Paper Example on Scottish Airlines Branding Plan
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Scottish Airlines will focus on the brand experience because, in the modern environment, clients tend to choose the carrier that offers the best overall value. By emphasizing on brand experience, the airline plan to acquire more clients especially those displeased with the competition. Scottish Airlines understands that consumers are the product of their national carrier and are appreciate building a brand on their own. The company will also aim at finding ways to make air travel easier, more human and smoother. The branding campaign is designed to stimulate new customer groups and galvanize demand as a whole by creating more emotion around the brand. In developing a brand-building plan, Scottish airlines have decided on the foundations that will be used for brand development. Building brand value and influence entails establishing a customer base around the service. This entails community-centric sports sponsorships like involvement in sports. It will also entail much more creative and less costly approaches to further mutual interests and propel innovation. Some of the branding strategies will be the use of logos, slogans, user experience, and differentiation.

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Symbols (Logo Brand)Scottish Airlines branding will take the form of an identifiable symbol which the clients will easily recognize. The airline's logo is distinct and is not similar to any other symbol in the airline's industry. The logo appears in the shape of a horse and is blue. The logos will generally appear on all its aircraft and offices and will be used in advertising and promotional campaigns. The logos will permit customers to identify the company's services even in cases where the name of the airline is not visible.

For most customers, the logos connect their minds to the business in question, without the need to see its name (Nigam & Sharpe 2016). Scottish Airlines' logo will generate instant recognition. The blue color is appealing and resonates with the Rugby team. The logo is likely to gain meaning and power with time. Since a logo is a firm's first introduction to clients, Scottish Airlines has designed it well so that it can pique the interest of the public and entices them to learn more about the company. The logo also tells that a business is exceptional. Since Scottish Airlines' logo is well-designed, it is likely to communicate everything from the firm's background, mission, and vision.


Just like the logo, the Scottish Airlines slogan will be expected to build its brand image. The airline's slogan is, "Enjoy time efficient air connectivity." The slogan will be effectively used in the airline's products to make customers associate the company with trust and premium service. It is expected that the slogan will be ingrained in the minds of the customers and will remain as long as the firm stays in business (Holloway 2018).


Scottish Airlines will use branding to differentiate itself from its competitors. The company has positioned itself as being a low-cost carrier indicating that its rivals provide the same product and services but at a higher cost. The company has also established itself as a more clean and efficient carrier than the competition. Being a local company in Scotland, the airline is expected to receive adoration from the local customers before going international. Use of a horse logo is a differentiation strategy from the competition. In addition, a horse is a treasured animal in Scotland; therefore establishing it as a logo shows that the company values the people's culture.

User Experience

Scottish Airline attempts to create user experience by providing an image of 'being fun to fly'. When customers think of traveling on air, they will see it as an easy way by boarding Scottish Airlines. The company aims to push its branding by communicating the hospitality and fun of flying (AECOM 2014). The airline attempts to build its brand on the foundation of a service concept.

Scottish Airlines has evaluated its list of destination cities, providing dozens of new European destinations. In spite of proliferation, the low-cost airline understands that it has to create awareness for its newly accessible routes in key the Middle East, European and American markets. To generate a huge splash in the target markets about the new direct routes, Scottish Airlines aims to create a custom rich media unit specific to each destination that will encourage clients to discover the different destinations it will serve. Clients will be able to participate in a fun and interactive way by boarding the airline from their local airport to potential destinations. To evaluate brand impact outside of standard metrics, the airline will employ a group of control and competent users within the target audience to measure initial awareness (Shaw 2016). After the responses are assessed, the airline will target an optimized audience segment to increase awareness,

Scottish airline plans to promote its brand by sponsoring local sports in Scotland. Since Scotland is known for football and golfing, Scottish Airlines will focus on promoting its brand through sponsoring personalities and rugby teams. One of the strategies being reviewed is sponsoring a team like Scottish Rugby team. Scottish Airlines plans on the growth through sponsorship in the upcoming Scottish Rugby Series (Amis 2005). The brand will launch a multi-channel Rugby Sports Series campaign title, "Rugby; Scotland" with a television commercial starring rugby legends like Huw Jones and Ryan Wilson (AJB 2018). Sponsoring the Rugby teams will increase awareness of the brand and create trust among the Scottish citizens who will see the move as a strategy to uplift the welfare of sports. Scottish Airlines has learned that consumers desire to be involved with the rugby game. To continue the success of Scottish Airlines, sponsorship campaign will allow fans to tweet about the teams and in doing so, they will be promoting the company.

It also aims to promote the brand in social media. A social media promotional strategy will help the brand to challenge its objectives with a sense of purpose. Each social media channel needs to be handled as a separate entity. Therefore, Scottish Airlines will have followers on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Instagram, and YouTube. LinkedIn has a tendency of having a more business-oriented audience searching for in-depth, educational content as compared to Facebook and Instagram where the audience looks for visual content (Davis 2010). Scottish Airlines plans to use Linkedln to inform its customers of business-related news. In addition, Facebook will be a suitable site to add visual content and business news. Facebook has wider coverage across the world and can be used to promote a product or service. Scottish airline will use Facebook to create appeal to customers.


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