Symposium by Plato - Paper Sample

Published: 2023-12-12
Symposium by Plato - Paper Sample
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People define love differently. In the book Symposium, different people gave different definitions of love. In the modern world, love is complicated, and people have a different understanding of the term love. The book Symposium starts with guests invited to a symposium where it turns to a session of giving thanks and praising love or god Eros. In life, one meets all these love and life challenges, and it is good to have a way to resolve them. The most important thing is how to deal with love and relationships, which are controversial even in the modern world. The paper explains the love definition according to Plato, personal experiences, and overcoming the challenges.

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Love Speech

The love symposium explains the definition of love definition by Phaedrus, Pausanius, Exyximachus, Aristophanes, among others. Phaedrus explains that love can be beneficial. The relationship between a man and a woman installs both shame and pride (Plato, 2020). It gives the lovers the courage to die for another, and it can apply in the military. Pausanius explains that it is good to distinguish between the common love and heavenly love. Ordinary love is for small boys who begin to experience love and inferior people who attract women. The true definition is when the relationship involves intelligent and mature people.

The definition by Eryximachus is different. He explains how love is an incredible bond that involves balancing, humor, musical harmonies, and the relationship between gods. The definition by Aristophanes starts with a myth where he explains that human beings had both sexes (Plato, 2020). When the human being threatened gods, they divided them into half. Then it happened that each half is left to find the other. Socrates concludes the love is something that each one poses. The only thing one needs is to have an understanding of how to deal with love and to act accordingly.

Case Example

People have different loves stories. Some have challenges, and others show the many things which people had to endure for the people they loved. People have fought many battles for the people they love, and others endured many challenges. My love story is something that people can relate to and learn. It relates to the Symposium definitions of love. People fall in love, but some do not understand what they want in the relationship. It is wrong to start something in which one has perfect information they cannot complete. If things do not work in an institution of love or marriage, it is prudent to walk out again if it fails to meet all the definitions given by the speaker in different speeches.

My love story is a true definition of true love, and it made me do weird things. True to the words of Phaedrus that people can die for the people they love. I was ready to do that, plus I did everything possible to make the love work. The things in marriage do not always work out for many reasons. Pausanius explains the need to differentiate between shared love and heavenly love (Plato, 2020). The definition of love is different from many people. The understanding of what each of the partners is required to do in a relationship is good. Intelligence and trust are all that is required. In many marriages, no one is there to be sad, and it was hard to stay in such a marriage. It is always good to have respect because that is what fails the marriage or many relationships. The form of love that was there did not represent true love. It took time to resolve the challenging situation. Some of the measures included seeking attention from a psychologist on how to get over that toxic relationship. Stopping meetings and communication is another thing that can help one to heal. It is a challenge that many need to deal with in life because when such a situation happens, people have to make the right decisions to heal. It is good to go for what makes one happy all the time. It is not acceptable to stay in a toxic relationship, and it is good to free oneself from such a relationship or love.


The paper explains the many definitions of the word love. The book explains the many ways in which people in love are supposed to act. The explanation of the many understanding of the word love can confuse people. The number one thing that people need to understand is how the class teaching can apply in our lives. The lesson from the book fits our love life and what people do for love. The most important thing is to do what is right and avoid harmful vices in love and relationships. It is a challenge in our lives, and many people feel that the only things which can help are to act accordingly. The paper has explained the definition of love according to the Symposium by Plato. Again, the personal experience that fit the definitions.


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