Behind the Camera of a Sports Broadcasting, Free Essay for Students

Published: 2022-02-28
Behind the Camera of a Sports Broadcasting, Free Essay for Students
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Spots is a social has taken over other social events in the world to the point that through it, juniors, seniors, and conflicting groups tend to converge and enjoy in talks about the progress and enthusiasm that sports develop among people. Surprisingly, it has been found out that sports make has compelled a significant number of people to take it as their hobby to the point that many develop emotional and psychological feeling whenever the club that they cheer fails to meet their expectations (Aman and Bennett 626). Consequently, the sports industry continues to realize growth every single sporting season thus expending people's scope in the sports career field. In the current world, social media statuses have depicted that the number of youths following the progress of sports clubs, players and results of every single match is increasing gradually. This essay aims at analyzing sports broadcasting, pointing out the requirements to be a broadcaster and analyzing the reasons why most youths have always directed their attention to sports broadcasting as a career.

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In regards to sports and social media appeal, sports broadcasting has, therefore, become a platform of media that is growing regarding prominence among young adults. In spite of the fact that in the 20th century, sports broadcasting was not considered as a career, 21st century has converged every single member of the society's attitude to investing in sports broadcasting. The reasons are not limited to the fact that it offers a chance for career opportunities for the people who prove to portray relevant and useful sports artifacts. Consequently, sports have demonstrated that maintaining charming, sports-driven personality and having the confidence to comfortable communicate about sports in a crowd of onlookers and informed spectators assure an individual of an opportunity or career in the sports industry.

Regarding Smith, Tom, and Iosifidis (727) the kind of career objectives that the youths and adults who express their enthusiasm call for revisiting of the early sports broadcasting that started in 1930. During that time, when sports broadcasting first came in a match consisting of a baseball game that was first broadcasted live on the radio. After a realization that masses were enthusiastically attached and attracted by the broadcaster, the aspect spurred more than 50,000 sports broadcasters who are now spending their time analyzing sports, i.e., football, tennis, volleyball, athletics and other sporting activities. Sports broadcasting has expanded its field from the secular TV and radio broadcasting to online broadcasting that is creating chances for more career opportunities. Today, people tend to speculate into every detail that happens on sports grounds, on the players, by the coaches and referees on the ground. For that matter, careers like refereeing and coaching have also been realized in the process of people concerning themselves and making their enthusiasm to grow in sports.

Unlike at the start of sports broadcasting when sports were majorly for men, today sports broadcasting career is open for both men and women since it only required one to portray the knowledge, attitude and to conform to the current rules and terms of service. The present sports outlines that many people know what it entails to be a broadcaster thus any mistake done during broadcasting is usually spotlighted therefore it requires one to develop excellent skills (Smith et al. 730). Additionally, since the job involves field work, one needs to be physically fit and reliable to avoid any inconveniences during the time the task allocated (Stenzel and Scuda n. p.).

Having heard that the career has a mouthwatering salary and that my skills, education, and strengths affirm that I fit for the profession, I am working toward meeting all irreducible minimums to suit the expectations of the field. Personally, I am fit for the career since I have a relevant bachelor's degree from St. Petersburg College, I portray excellent social skills, I have excellent research skills and I plan to advance my studies by getting a degree in sports broadcasting.

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