Free Essay Example: Summary of Hadrami Diaspora

Published: 2022-06-03
Free Essay Example: Summary of Hadrami Diaspora
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Hadrami Diaspora is a literature review that looks at the impact of the Hadarami community during Oceanic trade routes in the early 20th and 19th centuries (Freitag). The use of qualitative analysis of information from previous literature enables the writer to construct his/her thesis. The subject matter is clearly brought out in the paper with relevant sources being cited.

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The first section of the paper looks at the origins of the Hadarami community and their subsequent migration via the Indian Ocean to parts of Africa, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The author elucidates the conditions that triggered their migration. He points out that the Hadarami faced bad weather conditions such as drought which prompted them to move from their original location and also caused them to shift from farming to trading (Manger 1). Moreover, political instability and the need to spread the Islamic religion influenced them to move to new frontiers (Martin 367).

The next section looks at the Hadarami trade across Oceanic regions. The writer explains how Hadarami people utilized their knowledge of water travel to exploit the Indian Ocean Trade. He cites their ability to build effective dhows for sailing coupled with their navigation skills led to their success. He further explains that on arrival to new coastal towns the Hadarami took advantage of initial markets to supply goods that were in demand. Consequently, the author explains that this interaction with the locals led to the Hadarami sharing their Islamic beliefs. Therefore, Islam spread with their trading activities in the new coastal towns that they visited (Sheriff 1).

The final section of the paper looks at the spread of Hadarami culture in the locations they visited to trade. The writer explains that the Hadarami's missionary work coupled with trading activities led to cultural exchange. He mentions that a good number of the Hadarami chose to remain in the new towns where they traded. The author states that their settlement and subsequent intermarriages led to the enhancement of culture in many coastal towns. For example, the establishment of Swahili language in Kenya and Tanzania (Kaptein 268), moreover, they started cultural festivals in towns where they settled (Hiroko).

The literature review on the Hadarami Diaspora is well written and clearly brings out the significant impact of the Hadarami community in the areas they migrated and settled. Relevant sources are effectively utilized as evidence of the Hadarami's impact. Therefore, the writer successfully brings out his message on Hadarami migration, religious and cultural significance in the coastal regions.

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