Summary and Analysis of Earth Observatory, Space Essay Example

Published: 2022-03-18
Summary and Analysis of Earth Observatory, Space Essay Example
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In the year 2011, there was research conducted to identify some of the geological hazards that took place and the extent of destruction and harm that they caused. All the details were documented in the "Earth Observatory." The hazards are displayed in such a way that those that caused the most disaster are highlighted first followed by those that did not have a lot of harm to the people and property. The article touches on the volcanoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes as some of the geological hazards that people have been various in stages of life. The article states that there was an eruption that took place in the Red Sea in the year 2011. The witness was fisherman who saw the lava go as high as 90feet (NASA para 3). The activity was more than a normal eruption because the lava was travelling at a high speed regardless of the fact that it was taking place in water.

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The article also states that there was another volcanic activity that took place along the Zubair Group where the people living had an experience of the adverse. Many lost their lives while others lost a lot of precious property. In that case, there was need to make sure that the people living around the area were cautious just in case another eruption occurred. The article also states that the southern part of the continent has been experiencing frequent cases of earthquakes due to the fact that people are taking part in the cracking of huge stones from the ground (NASA para 3). Therefore they end shaking the ground making it vulnerable to earthquakes.

The hurricanes mentioned in the article only occurred when there winds coming from the sea and this posed a threat to the people who were living near the shores (NASA para 8). In that case, many have had to find ways in which they can stay away from the shores. There are also people who have opted to move out of the countries so that they can be able to stay in places that are not vulnerable to earthquakes.

The information provided in the article is important to me and also to the society when looked from the perspective of geological hazards. The society needs to be a place that is free from any geological hazards and therefore the information provided here in makes everything applicable in that aspect. There article benefits me since it has all the answers regarding the issues that I have been facing when it comes to the way the earthquakes and volcanoes occur. In addition, it also enlightens me on some of the ways I should get ready whenever a volcano occurs.

The article has used six sources and each of them is reliable when looked from the perspective of issues that lead to geological hazards. The sources are written by different authors and each of them has a way in which they support the idea of earthquakes affecting people from different walks of life. The sources used are legitimate since they have all the facts regarding earthquakes, volcanos and hurricanes. They have details of the process and the way people have been trying to make sure that they in the safe side when the hazards come to play.

NASA is a research body that works under the government of the United States, and that means it follows all the rules that come from it. The information provided in the article was not extensive, and that means it had some form of biases. There are countries such as Japan that has been experiencing various cases of hurricanes, but they have not been mentioned for security and following orders that come from the government. This makes the information to lack some details that one would want. Even though the article has some little biases, it does not sway me towards any opinion. The biases would make the public to make moves that are not legitimate in the name of dealing with geological hazards which might not be highly appreciated.

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