Essay Sample on Summarizing Personal Insights From the Museum to Key Concepts

Published: 2023-01-20
Essay Sample on Summarizing Personal Insights From the Museum to Key Concepts
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I made a visit to a cultural event that was happening near my neighborhood. There were many cultural artifacts that I got to observe from clothing, some items like pots and religious items among other tools. Getting exposed to the cultural items helps a person to understand various things from the history. It also helps a person to ask questions like the social or cultural insights that result from being exposed to the various activities or the form of dressing that was used during the old days. Culture is important because it helps people to understand where they came from and the practices that were common in their culture. I was able to view items like burial coins, some pottery painted coins that helped me learn who made them and the events that led to making of such items.

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I was able to learn that the people in the past used the artifacts for example carving of a woman to express their idea about the women of those days. It is like a story being told regarding a particular thing which may be social, economic or religious. It is a unique and interesting manner of expressing ideas. It helps an anthropologist to go deeper and want to know the reason behind a certain artifact being made, the story behind it. I was also able to learn that the story behind the artifacts is always very interesting and helps a person to understand why the artifact was made in a particular way and not in the other. The artifacts also help a person to understand the values of the particular community that existed during the time through the manner in which they express their ideas.

What surprised me was actually how some of these items were made like a carving of a pot. It was shocking how they mound clay very well and the paintings on them it was also surprising what they used to paint their items and they looked so good and beautiful considering the days that they were made. The coins and the cutting tools that were also made during those days teach that necessity is the mother of invention. These people were wise enough and they did not fail to do anything because they did not have the tools but found a means through which they could have their own. This included even paintings that made their models of hosing also look very pleasing to the eye.

My cultural understanding has been enhanced after I visited the cultural event. The interest of wanting to go back to the pasta and actually see the actual process grew. Culture has always been interesting and will always remain to be like so. The understanding about how various forms of art and dressing were introduced and formed part of the culture of people. The interesting facts about how the items were introduced and the modes of maintenance were also very interesting. What has changes is that I have liked everything about culture more than I used to before I went to the event.

With what I have learned, I have a broader understanding of culture. I will be able to tell interesting stories to my friends about different cultures. There has been so much knowledge that was added to mine regarding culture. My interest in wanting to find out about other cultures has grown to the extent that I will be making visits to many cultural events and museums just to be aware of new things each time and also spread it to other people.

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