Art Essay Example: Madonna and Child with Saints vs. Triumphant over Sin and Death

Published: 2022-05-22 21:43:55
Art Essay Example: Madonna and Child with Saints vs. Triumphant over Sin and Death
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The human being has been communicating and his thoughts through painting since the early days. Artistic work is utilized by various denominations to represent beliefs, religion, and different ideologies across the globe. Such a piece can last entirely and express any language. This essay highlights an analysis of two worth pieces. The "Madonna and Child with Saints" is an art piece for the Roman church in Rome. The altarpiece was painted in 1527 by Parmigiano following his ascend from Parma and marks one of his greatest works. The piece is also known as the "Vision of St. Jerome". The complete title of the painting is "Altarpiece: the Madonna and Child with Saints John the Baptist and Jerome." The contract for the piece was requested by Maria Bufalini to gift the chapel that her family used to attend in Lauro, San Salvatore, (Rome). As a requirement during the order, the artist was required to incorporate two saints in work; John the Baptist who was Maria's father in law patron and Jerome, a law associate. The art, initially done with oil paint on wooden medium and later put on a canvas. The original piece currently resides in the national gallery of London display, the United Kingdom who posses its ownership. The other piece of art is a painting by Peter Paul Rubens, "Christ Triumph Over Sin" done between 1613 and 1620(Baroque period). The piece stays in the Columbus Museum of arts, Ohio, the United States where Derby Fund purchased it. This painting used oil paint on canvas. The sole purpose of this essay is to analyze the themes exhibited in the two arts.

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The Christian theme religion-inspired both paintings. The first image, "Madonna & Child with Saints" shows the imagery of heavenly mass of clouds and light encompassing the sited Madonna, holding the child, Christ, with her hands. St John the Baptist has figured below Madonna knelt. He is wearing clothes made of animal hides. On the right hand, he is holding reeds made cross pointed at the Christ. On the right side of Madonna can be seen St Jerome figure drawn as being has been asleep. The hat on Jerome's head is well balanced in the centre. His presence in the painting was requested to represent the brother and father in law to Maria who was law enthusiasts. Jerome is known as one of the Church Fathers and a renowned biblical scholar in Christian faith. It is one of the art pieces utilized by Christians while worshipping in an attempt to show devotion to God. The theme of the second painting is similar in stressing the devotion to Godliness. The image portrayed by the painter in the "Triumph over Sin and Death" is a strong compulsion to make Christians adhere to the law in faith especially at the time of painting when the Roman Church had problems of the Protestant uprising in Holland and Germany. The aggressiveness of the church is portrayed for example where there is a light, so blight shining on the angels and the Christ as compared to the surrounding environment full of darkness to represent hell. Illuminance is associated with good things like the appeal of heaven while darkness represents suffering.

A closer analysis of "Triumph Over Sin & Death" continues to emphasize the need to follow the Christian faith painting a clear distinction between the holiness and sin, and the superiority of Christ. Holiness and power in Christianity get depicted by the angels crowning with Jesus laurel petals and the archangel. The Christ is also holding a sceptre symbolizing authority and power, sat on a firm foundation, rock. Fire in the hell can shows in bright colours right behind the angels. It is the reward of seeing. The painting illustrates that if one does not follow the way of the Christ hell is waiting. A snake slithers under Christ's feet to connotate sin. There is also the representation of death with the skull to further the requirement in following Christ's ways.

The work put in "Madonna & Child with Saints" further stresses the importance of walking in the light. The perfect light well elaborates the holding of the baby by Madonna and the surrounding by great people associated with the Christian religion on the piece of art. Christianity is a religion practised in a clear theology that represents doing and acting in the right ways. By living a Christian life, one gets set in the light of seeing things in a new dimension. The child held in the hands of Madonna get recognized as one filled with grace. Such innocence is the stereotype of the Christian faith where believers are expected to act like children in sheer beauty, grace, sincerity, faithfulness. A steadfast Christian as one filled by among other virtues exhibited by children in their harmless state. In fact, the Christian faith predisposes the kingdom of God to those are like children.

In conclusion, it is clear that the two artists on subjection to analysis lived in Christianity settings that inspired their great work independently.

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