Free Essay on Studying Business Administration

Published: 2022-11-08
Free Essay on Studying Business Administration
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Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world. Over the last few decades, the country has been reliant on gas and oil exports. However, as the country develops, the government is ensuring that it diversifies its economic portfolio that includes the service industry as well as being self-reliant and secure in the food supply. The country has modernized its infrastructure providing a platform on which the development of Qatari's economy can be enhanced in the future. With this growth in mind traversing all sectors, it is rather important to have all the skills necessary to be able to ensure that not only does Qatar maintain its position as having one of the best GDPs, but also ensuring that this can be bettered now and in the future. Studying Business Administration is a sure way of providing much-needed skill and know-how in the administration and management of businesses and ensuring that these are also in tandem with Qatar's National Vision 2030 plan that looks towards the transformation of Qatar by meeting certain goals and objectives (Dholakia & Dunlap, 2009).

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Being a proud Qatari myself, I am interested in ensuring that I can offer all that I can and be part of the growth of Qatar now and for future generations. I believe that my skills and expertise are going to be more useful in business administration hence my interest in studying this course. My interest in developing my skills at Carnegie Mellon University Qatar (CMU) are grown by the fact that it is one of the best universities in Qatar offering the said course. Furthermore, being a US-based college, the training is world class and can be applied anywhere in the world. CMU also has a diverse student body that is important at helping one relate with people from all over the world and learn from their experiences as well as share my own experiences with them (CMU Qatar, 2019).

Having a campus in Doha is also good for me as I will not need to move to greater distances to get my education. Even with that, CMU also offers the chance to study abroad if a student so wishes and it could well be helpful in enhancing my experiences in different locations. The school also offers internships to the students who require on-the-job experience adding a much-needed dimension to the education (CMU Qatar, 2019).

Business administration as stated earlier is an area of education and career growth that I have had a huge interest in since I was a young child and getting to the point where I am able to actualize this dream is not only an achievement for me but a dream come true. I chose business administration because it is a course that can bring out the entrepreneurial spirit inside of me. It is important to note that business administration entails the day to day running and management of a business enterprise. Studying business administration will have an impact in ensuring that the inner entrepreneurial skill within me is opened up. By doing business administration, my project management capabilities will be enhanced and developed. Business administration involves project management as part of learning, and through this way, my project management skills will highly be enhanced and strengthened. The project management here refers to the skills that are necessary for conducting academic and project research which are skills necessary for any academic endeavor.

Furthermore, learning business administration will expose me to the workings of the business world in terms of investment and finance. The world is a global village, a global market and a global business place where investment and finance are carried out on a day to day basis in a very complex manner. Studying business administration will ensure that the workings of the world in matters investment and finance will be made known to me. This is important knowledge for any business student anywhere in the world. Finally, it will help provide project management which is different from the project management discussed above. Project management involves having skills in properly managing projects in different sectors of the economy. Business administration will ensure that this skill is well brought out and enhanced which is important for the administration of businesses at all levels.

In conclusion, I will be honored if you would consider my humble request to study business administration in your school. Furthermore, studying business administration will help me advance myself in my career and make me be a better person who can help himself as well as his country towards achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030 that is aimed at transforming Qatar into a society that is advanced and capable of achieving the sustainable development goals (social, economic, human and environmental) by 2030 (Group, 2015). I would indeed like to be a part of ensuring that all these gals are achieved and I believe that by getting a degree in Business Administration will well put me in course towards achieving the said dream and ensuring that I offer all that I can for my country and for my people.


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