Essay Sample on the Theme of Streamlining Government

Published: 2022-09-08
Essay Sample on the Theme of Streamlining Government
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Streamlining government is the process by which the government simplifies or eliminates specific steps which were supposed to be followed and uses modern techniques or uses other approaches to improve the efficiency and operational process of the government. These help to reduce the quantity regulations and resulting formal procedures which may have created a substantial administrative and financial burden.

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Streamlining will try to improve the process of policy making as there will be few steps and instructions to be followed and thus taking a short time to come up with the policies. It will also help to reduce the administrative responsibilities that's has been usually stemmed up by some of the rules and regulations. Streamlining also help to come up with a clear objective which is user-friendly and more accessible, it will also try to solve difficulties that could be encountered when dealing with the administrative procedures which seem to be too complicated streamlining will help to improve the working conditions for the public servants.

During policy making policy decision makers should create projects which are more efficient and more economical to anticipate the future socio-economic changes. Due to that policymakers find a way of communicating better to achieve final results and bring the measurement of the performance of the public sectors through the use of most appropriate techniques such as streamlining.

Through the effective way of policy making the public sectors will try to resolve several issues which in turn increase the performance of the public sector. Through effective policymaking public administration, they will improve the stability of the economy in the country thus securing a right place for the establishment of business and industries and therefore there will be an improvement of the infrastructure in the country. Effective policymaking in the public administration sectors will bring a significant increment in central performance by fighting corruption, reducing the bureaucracy of the state thus increasing the quality of justice and reducing the shadow economy at a high level.

Due to excellent and effective policymaking, there will be an extension of the distribution of income and reducing the disparities in income among the different categories of the population. Also, there will be an improvement of the quality and performance of the school thus improving the level of education and its system which are the part of resources that are related to the program which is operated by the policies.

Efficiency in the public sector is a significant problem that the government has to face, and this is usually determined mainly by the existence of some considerable deficit in the country's bureaucracy which will profoundly hinder the collection of money and budgeting purposes which results to the implementation of most public programs being evaluated based on the performances objectives. Due to this optimal dimensions the public sectors' management sizing the management according to their performances as given by various models and methods of measuring the performances. This will help them acquire important; significant achievements will bring a positive impact on a medium which is long-term compared to private sectors.

To efficiency of the government can be evaluated by their state of the economy, rate of unemployment in the country, the mighty of their military, the kind of technology and the rate of innovation available in the country. It can also evaluate according to their transparency and their accountability. This can be achieved through effective policymaking.

In conclusion, streamlining help in effective decision making which in turn brings a good state of the economy.


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