Step Study Group: Examining Environmental Factors of Alcoholism - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-09-16
Step Study Group: Examining Environmental Factors of Alcoholism - Essay Sample
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Alcoholism is affected by different environmental factors. The document "Mental Health Alcoholics Anonymous" has critically illustrated how ecological factors influence the development of alcoholism. For example, adolescent under severe stressors is mainly prone to excessive consumption of alcohol. Other environmental factors that can lead to alcoholism include lifestyle, mental disorders, traditions, and age.

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Describe the Group Process

The name of the group was "@Step Study Group of Alcoholics Anonymous," the group was led by Tony. The group meeting was conducted via zoom and comprised of around 12 members. At first, I was able to note that members of the group knew each other well based on their openness when talking. It was not a must for the new members to speak, but each was given a chance to talk about their experience of alcoholism. Tony gave us the introductory statement that included the mission and the vision of the group.

Members were very attentive as they carefully listened to Tony read and share the Gospel based on the biblical teachings of Jesus. For example, he said that everyone had an obligation to share and spread the vision and mission regarding the group's functionalities. When Tony read the rules and regulations of the group, there was silence; members only nodded, indicating that they all agreed with the rules. It was true that members were invited to speak by the group leader who also coordinated them. The members were each given a maximum of five minutes to talk and share experiences and their feelings.

How were issues brought to the Floor? How did You Know that Others in the Room Had Similar Problems or Situations?

Indeed issues were brought in a well-coordinated and a systematic manner on the floor. Every member shared his/her thoughts on how well they could achieve the vision and the mission of the group. I was able to find out that most people in the room shared similar problems from the confession each member made. Those who were sober amongst us talked more about the Bible and the evils that are associated with addiction. Others spoke about alcohol addiction and the different ways of overcoming alcoholism.

The Behavior Exhibited By Group Members: Verbal/Nonverbal, Supportive, or Distant.

Members of the group exhibited a verbally supportive behavior in that they suggested the ways of helping each member to fully recover and encouraged themselves on the benefits of being healthy. For example, Michael pointed out the benefits of having a personal relationship with God and supportive it was towards healing.

Any Themes? What do you remember about the Group Conversation?

Various themes were evident in the group. One of the most significant themes discussed in the group was hope, the other one was religions, and the last one was that of support. I realized that most of the group members were Christians who prayed and meditated to God about the issue. Members also cheered and supported each other in case one confessed being sober and having recovered from the addiction.

Your Personal Feelings Regarding the Experience. Along with your Perspective, What did the Meeting Ignite in You or allow you to come to your Consciousness? How could this help Patients who are Alcoholics or their Significant Others?

I sympathized with the alcoholics and was significantly moved by their experiences since I knew now the struggles and challenges the alcoholics go through. I noticed how they struggled with stress reduction factors since most of them had financial problems or health issues. The meeting ignited some of the detrimental effects that are associated with alcoholism and demonstrated to me the real struggle of battling alcoholism. In conclusion, based on the paper, support groups are significant since if well managed, they can help individuals addicted to alcoholism to open up, share and get support from other individuals suffering from the same problem.


American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM-5®). American Psychiatric Pub.

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