Free Essay Example on Improving Healthcare for the Elderly

Published: 2022-06-15
Free Essay Example on Improving Healthcare for the Elderly
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Aging comes along with challenges related to health and need for healthcare increases. An aging population has a higher prevalence of physical disabilities, chronic diseases, mental illness etc. This senior population requires support in daily activities, and their quality of life should be checked. We are looking into the case of Mr. P, a 76-year-old patient with cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure, and also has 4+ pitting edema and moist crackles throughout the lungs.

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Approach to care

My approach to care towards Mr. P is ensuring that he does not live in isolation, and has physical support in day-to-day activities. The wife should not go far from him, and when admitted to the hospital, he should frequently be checked upon. Also, ensuring that Mr. P does not get maltreatment from his wife, neighbours or even the community. Maltreatment might result in heart failure due to mental stress. Ensuring that Mr. P is not undergoing financial constraints thus lack proper nutrition, clothing and shelter. Financial strain might cause difficulties for Mr. P to maintain diet restrictions since they might not be able to provide proper food nutrition. This patient can be taken to a home of the elderly where he can be looked after, and provided with the necessary medical attention. Living with the wife, who does not leave to take care of him might lead them to financial constraints with no other family to look up to (Copstead & Banasik, 2012). The wife should also be instilled with knowledge on her husband's potential risk factors, for her to take caution. Educating her will help her understand the kind of food she is supposed to give to Mr P and how important it is to specify the diet instructed by the doctor. With the knowledge of his medical problems, casting a significant impact on the quality of life of Mr. P is required.

Treatment plan

The treatment plan for the medications requires Mr. P to come with his medication list of the medicines he had been taking, and to carry with him test results including the laboratory test. This will help understand his medical condition better and observe whether there is an improvement by reviewing his history records to help give him recommendations about dietary changes. Conducting related tests will help test the kidney and the liver functions. Treatment of cardiomyopathy and heart failure will include the change in lifestyle, medications and continuous care ("Congestive Heart Failure and Congenital Defects", 2018). Mr P will be encouraged to do more exercise and to eat healthily, and to take his medication as instructed by the doctor. Cardiac rehabilitation will be one of the treatment plans where Mr. P will be helped to maintain maximum physical health and emotional health and wellness. It will also involve stress management. He will get an assessment to determine whether he can tolerate physical exercise, which will help make long-term goals. Mr. P will be assessed whether he is emotionally ready for action to help identify whether he is in denial.

Family and Friends Education

The family and the patient should be informed on how important it is to support Mr. P. The treatment plan requires the cooperation of the wife, the patient and those providing health services to him. His wife will be informed to look into the wrong nutrition practices by maintaining a balanced diet and only eating the food he has been instructed to take by the health professional. Also, Mr. Ps wife will be urged to ensure that he adheres to polypharmacology and Mr. P will take self-responsibility by providing that he eats the required food, exercise taking his medicine as prescribed. Holding counseling services for Mr. P involving interactive participation and educating him on the importance of maintaining healthcare. He will also be encouraged to ensure that he does not suffer from mental stress and depression ("Anemia | MedlinePlus", 2018). His family, who is the wife will help Mr. P to change his lifestyle successfully is she is educated on how to do it and is willing to help. She will help provide moral support to Mr. P through explaining to her the importance of the programme of rehabilitation.

Teaching Plan

A teaching plan for Mr. P and his wife will be precise and straightforward. It will focus on the change in lifestyle, using the medicine as prescribed and supporting both the wife and Mr. P psychologically. Mr. P is supposed to assume personal responsibility, while his wife gives him moral support. Since the wife is going through a hard time taking care of her husband, counseling is essential. Also, the wife is in a better position to ensure nutrition and medication adherence since she is the one preparing food for him, and giving him medicine. Mr. P will be advised to reduce his rate of water intake to help control edema. It's also essential to go for regular weight check-ups. Mr. P will get an education on the results of failing to adhere to the prescribed drugs. They will both be introduced to a support group to help them deal with stress and to help them cope with the hard times.


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