Free Essay Speech on Fulfilling Responsibility

Published: 2022-11-03
Free Essay Speech on Fulfilling Responsibility
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Hello everyone, I hope you have had a successful day so far. Before I start addressing the main theme of my speech today, I would like to say that boys are people on their way to becoming men. Men are the heads of the family in most cases today, and they should be responsible, dedicated and hardworking people. Having said that, I would like everyone in the meeting today to know that 'fulfilling responsibility,' which is my main theme for the speech, is what all boys need to concentrate on as it defines what they become when they eventually grow into men.

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First, it is important to know what it means to be a man. Since boys grow into men, it is important that they understand that men are providers, protectors, and role models to both their daughters and their sons. Men are expected to learn how to love and respect women. Respect would mean giving women the chance to air their views so that they be part of decisions made in companies, churches, homes and any organization. However, first, it is important to learn how to lead a responsible life as a boy in order to grow into a man who can effectively fulfil his mandates in the society.

Fulfilling responsibility, in my view, means all members of the society to know what is expected of them to do at any time and they do it to their best. This should be the case despite any challenges that one faces. One of the boys' responsibility is supporting in any assigned responsibilities at home. One of the common issues today is that boys fail to support their parents at home as they spend most of their time with friends. Since girls do not have the freedom boys have, they are always at home, hence become the ones to be allocated most of the duties.

One of the ways that the boys can be of help is by scheduling their visits to their friends and informing their parents of the time they wish to go visiting so that they get consent. That way, they can be allocated responsibilities. In fact, by boys partaking in such responsibilities, they train to be responsible home keepers when they become homeowners.

Fulfilling responsibility also means boys try their best to achieve better grades in school despite any challenges they face. For instance, in the world today, the internet as one of the technological interventions that have become one of the impediments to learners' ability to study properly. Time is wasting on the internet as boys socialize and play video games lead to a drop in performance. In fact, this is majorly attributed to the current trends where girls get better grades than boys in school.

Boys may have the most supportive parents, go to the best schools around where they live and be taught by the best teachers, however, if they are not self-driven to be responsible, they may end up developing some very undesirable characters that may make them not to grow into responsible men. Being a man does not simply mean one can use his masculine nature to intimidate women, it is important that they know choices have consequences. Boys should respect the views of their girlfriends and make good choices not to engage in some of the acts that may not be appropriate for their age such as engaging in teenage sex.

Besides, boys should respect their parents, their teachers, any other elderly person, and associate positively with the peers. That way, they can lead a productive and responsible life as boys and as men in their future. Lastly, leading a responsible life includes staying away from criminal activities, bad peer groups, and peer influencers, drug abuse, and other illegal drug activities and trying as much as possible to lead a religious life.

Having said that, I would like to end my speech by repeating what I had said earlier that, boys are men to be, that is the reason they should train to be more responsible than girls.

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