Informative Speech Example: Genetically Modified Foods

Published: 2019-06-06
Informative Speech Example: Genetically Modified Foods
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Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to have all of you here today. There is some truth in the statement, owing to the fact that our bodies develop due to what we consume, it is definite that genetically modified foods (GMFs) as well as produce will not fail to have a fatal impact on our bodies cellular formation. Today, I would like to give you some of the facts about the foods that we consume. I may not change you from using these foods, but at least I will have informed you about the danger that they bring along with them. On a daily basis, I try to comfort myself that I am eating the right food, yet I know it is not. However, today I have made up my mind to correct what I have been doing wrong. I can no longer assume the fact that GMFs are harmful to our bodies and especially to the young generation (John and Pamela, 14). I am strongly obliged to advocate for the banning of genetically modified ingredients in foods.

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Firstly, GMFs are available in every supermarket and shop that you visit. They have labels that warn you of the ingredients that are included in the food. The aim of using the genetic modification on foods is to increase the produce within a short time. The ingredients of genetic modification are introduced during the planting of these food crops and they help the plant to grow very fast. This is noticeable in tomatoes, corn plants, potatoes and vegetable oils (Dennis, 1). When these plants are presented at the purchase points, you buy, prepare and finally consume them without knowing that the food has harmful effects in the body cells.

Secondly, do you ever ask yourself why we are developing lifestyles diseases at a high rate? Research states that the different types of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases that you are diagnosed with are at a rise in the 21st century. Evidently, the high mortality rates in this nation, the USA, are due to the lifestyle diseases caused by GMFs and produce. You should be aware that these diseases are killing many adults and children nowadays than communicable diseases (John and Pamela, 17). Thirdly, there is need to note that these ingredients are pest resistant. Fourthly, they are said to be resistant to diseases and fifthly, they thrive in drought stricken areas. However, one thing is ignored in the information that we are told about these GMFs; the health implications on our bodies. Ladies and gentlemen, it worries you and me to spend a lot of money and time on treating these diseases. GMFs and produce should be your major worry not these diseases. This is because, you can prevent them.

Finally, refrain from using foods that are genetically modified and you will save a lot of money, time and your lives and that of your children (Jeffrey, 24). I am opting to natural foods since the US is among the leading nations in the production of GM ingredients and produce. This means you cannot escape from them. However, I seek for the truth. You and I have to be told that we are at risk of having health complications, but our survival should be based on reducing the interest that we have on food. I find it easy to justify that good health is directly associated with my reduced appetite. Thank you for giving me your ears.

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