Apple Project Management Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-21
Apple Project Management Essay Sample
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Managers do everything possible to ensure that employees enjoy creativity and diversity in their workforce. The two factors are critical elements encouraging and fostering innovation in an institution. Diversity is a key ingredient that unlocks innovation and drives market growth in a company. As such, the executive needs to embrace the power of differences in their organization and allow diversity play a role in improving the performance of the enterprise. Ideally, diversity is a key component that encourages creative thinking in an institution. Diverse teams have the ability to provide creative results compared to teams where the members are all from a similar background. This paper aims at evaluating how Apple Inc. approaches creativity and diversity. Further, the paper also evaluates how the company benefits from embracing creativity and diversity in their workforce.

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Apple company background

Apple is a multinational technology company that is based in Apple Campus, Cupertino, California, United States of America. The founders of the company include Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976. Apple Inc. creates, designs, develop, and sell computer hardware, software, electronics, and online services among other products. It is famous for their brand iPhone smartphones and Mac personal computers. The company’s success is attributed to their focus on creativity and diversity in the workplace which encourages employees and the management to give their ideas on some of the activities that the company can undertake to improve performance.

Apple Creativity and Diversity

Creativity and diversity are some of the critical values that form part of the Apple Company culture. Creativity and diversity in the workplace provide the employees with the opportunity to provide the customers with unique experiences every time they purchase Apple products. The company values gender and ethnic diversity which is part of the success they enjoy. The company employs based on merit and further strives to ensure that all genders are represented in the enterprise. The company’s creative also constitutes of males and females who provide interesting ideas that have played a critical role in improving the performance of the company.

Apple, being a multinational corporation also shares a lot of diversity regarding the employees working in the company. The company employs individuals from the different races, who are expected to work together and ensure that Apple achieves its objectives. The company has white, Asians, Hispanic, and black people among others as part of their workforce. These races have a unique approach to issues that affect the company and therefore provide insights that foster development. It is also interesting seeing individuals from different races who share little or nothing in as far as culture, language, mindset, and decision-making abilities among other differences are prompted to work together for the good of the company. They put aside their differences and perform as a stable workforce that is result oriented.

Apple Creative Thinking

Apple Inc. fosters and encourages employees to practice creative thinking. The employees are allowed to find meaning in their sources of inspiration and to experiment their ideas as a way of developing solutions, products, and services and meet the needs of the target market. Apple has created an environment that encourages face-to-face and the digital relationship among the employees. The employees get the opportunity to get together and enjoy themselves, sharing their diversity. Further, the company creates opportunities for the employees to flesh out their ideas in a neutral environment that allows them to get away from their usual activities in a day. The company provides the employees with freedom within the boundaries the boundaries of deadlines and productivity targets. The employees are allowed to exercise liberty in whatever way that works best for them and meet deadlines and increase productivity.

Apple has also adopted an exciting office environment that allows the employees to work together. The company has comfortable seating arrangements, modern furniture, and open space setup that allows the employees to collaborate and share ideas. The employees also get the opportunity to bond socially and knowing each other better, which is a great recipe that encourages the employees to increase productivity through working and operating as a team. Apple also practices fair compensation to ensure that the employees are invited to perform to the best of their ability and improve the performance of the company. Further, Apple maps the different phase of their creative work for the purpose of recognizing processes, skills, and technology required in pushing the company to fulfill its agenda. The company also motivates the employees to perform to the best of their ability.


A company needs to embrace the use of creativity and diversity as an essential role that pushes it to achieve its objectives. Employees can be very creative if a company recognizes their potential and allows them to take an active role in bringing in ideas. Further, diversity is a resource that a company can use in acquiring unique ideas that can be implemented and improve the performance of the organization. As such, a company needs to create a platform for employees to share in their diversity and creativity to improve their sense of ownership and belonging in the company.


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