Essay Sample: Social Media Marketing Case Study

Published: 2023-04-11
Essay Sample: Social Media Marketing Case Study
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Over the last few years, many businesses are turning to social medial to promote their business operations. Many organizations employ the use of business campaigns to reach a wide variety of target audience.

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Volkswagen India Social Media Case Study

Volkswagen is one of the largest car manufacturer in all of Europe, and it is well recognized around the internationally. The organization strives to expands its operations in India by directly aiming at Indian vehicle marketplace, which is the second-largest growing market internationally. Hence making India a profitable place for the organization, and therefore, the firm has selected India to serve its tactical resolve optimally.

The Business Goal of Volkswagen

The organization aims to target the employed populace in India by creating cognizance around its car models or brand, which therefore transformed into product loyalty.

The Strategy Employed by Volkswagen

To attain the company marketing objective, Volkswagen flagged off its organization profile on LinkedIn. The page included an additional feature which made it conceivable for the Volkswagen product lovers to voice their opinion about the model as recommendations. Also, the organization made effective use of recommendation advertisements on LinkedIn in attempt to broaden its audience reach (Pawar, Munagekar & Bhosale, 2016). The form of platform chosen seems old, but there was a tactical motive behind the decision. LinkedIn is a strategic podium that provides to the need of the employed professional effectively. And therefore, the probability of getting a genuinely interesting client who can manage to pay for the brand is quite high. The company targeted customers according to their seniority as well as the geographical location to achieve the company's goal of reaching the clients who were in search of a dealer near their locality.

Result of The Campaign

From the campaign, the company received 9,600,000 apprises on the Volkswagen car model. This indicated success in the organization (Pawar, Munagekar & Bhosale, 2016). Also, the sum of followers amplified by approximately 2,300 on Volkswagen's LinkedIn page. Also, the company was successful in achieving a total of 2,700 model endorsements in a short time, approximately one month (Pawar, Munagekar & Bhosale, 2016).

Learnings from The Case Study

Business is entirely about hitting the precise chord with their target customers. It is no witticism but well and strategically tailored tactics on social media. The organization should use the platform that best suits to is specific clients as well as a potential client and not just any social media since all the businesses are doing it.


Pawar, S., Munagekar, A., & Bhosale, D. (2016). Innovative Advertising Campaign-A Case Study of Volkswagen India. Retrieved from

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