Essay Sample on Social Media and Business Enlargement

Published: 2023-01-20
Essay Sample on Social Media and Business Enlargement
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In the contemporary world, social media has become a powerful tool that businesses can utilize to promote their growth. While a lot of people may view it as a channel used only by consumer brands, it can be used to benefit and promote businesses. In the world today, traditional advertising strategies are not sufficient. This paper explores not only how social media, as a communication channel, gives access to a tremendous outreach and access for businesses, but also how it allows interactivity which is very useful in businesses' growth.

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Social media can be used to enhance the interaction between business owners and customers. Having a business website is important as it expands the business' reach from the ground to the immense expanse of the internet. In the website, customers leave comments on the services the business offers and replying to these comments, it allows a bond between the customers and the business to form. Social media enhances this experience, and as the customers access the business page, they get more information on the services and work the business offers (Heller, Baird, & Parasnis, 2011). In the same way, social media can be used for reputation management. The business can maintain a strong image and good reputation by keeping up a good and consistent social media presence and replying to potentially destructive comments instantly (Culnan, McHugh, & Zubillaga, 2010).

Social media is a powerful communication channel that can create powerful business sustainability. According to Stareva in (2013), the modern economy is based on mutual trust, relationship and engagement and Social media greatly impact sustainability in business communication. This according to Stareva this is because social media offer effective information sharing through stakeholder engagement, business idea implementation that is developed through co-creation and cooperation. Social media creates an effective support tool for a business to showcase ongoing commitment through transparency, community, authenticity, and relationship. Hence this a tool company should capitalize because social media provide competitive advantages and allow the pioneering of brands.

In conclusion, for business growth communication is essential. Social media is a channel that I would recommend growing and establishing a business to use in regard to developing business sustainability and creating real-time feedback that businesses can utilize to better improve their product.


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