Essay Sample on Smoke-Auggie Wren's Christmas Story

Published: 2022-02-21
Essay Sample on Smoke-Auggie Wren's Christmas Story
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The integral meaning of the short story is how to write a short story that would be put on a Christmas morning magazine. In the story, Paul Auster explains how he learned to write a short story. Throughout a short story, the author explains how he met Auggie and how Auggie helped him develop a short story that can be put in the Christmas magazine. The main story is about writing a short story because, from the conversation, we find Auggie giving a story about a boy who visited his shop where he sells cigarette and starts packing some of what he sells. The boy ran when he has been seen and finally dropped the wallet. Auggie, therefore, gave an example of a short story that Paul Auster can use for Christmas.

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From the integral meaning, there are a number of themes that can be identified from the conversation between the authors and Auggie. The most important theme that depicted from the short story is the theme of revenge. It is easy to identify this theme because when Auggie is telling Paul Auster the story he can write for Christmas, Auggie said that he followed the boy who was stealing from his shop and went with his wallet. He further followed him to their home after he had received his identity from the documents which were in the wallet. The theme of forgiveness is also depicted from the conversation. It can also be noted that Auggie stopped following the boy who stole a cigarette from his shop when the boy dropped the wallet. He decided to forgive him and after sometimes decided to look for him so that he could return the wallet. The theme of crime is also highlighted from the story. Auggie himself narrated how he stole the camera from the grandmother whom he thought was the grandmother of the boy who was stealing from his shop. The theme of crime is evident because it is not right to steal someone's property despite the fact that he or she is not in a position to see you. Furthermore, there is also the theme of opportunistic. From the conversation, we can see Auggie stealing the camera because the grandmother could not recognize him. He also stole the camera because he happened to find them where there is nobody to stop him or to claim the ownership. Finally, the theme of relationship can also be seen from the conversation. From the story, Auggie and Paul Aster became friends because he has been buying a cigarette from his shop. They developed their relationship to the point where he can be free to ask Auggie how to write a short story about Christmas.

This story has five elements namely, characters which include the people involved in the story. They include the author, in this case, Paul Auster and Auggie and other people who such as grandmother and the boy. This story also has a setting, which shows the location where the story was being narrated. This story was narrated in the hotel where Auggie and the author went to eat. It mainly started from the shop where Auggie sells cigarette. This story also has a very important plot which describes the entire story about. In addition, there is also a conflict which forms part of this story. From the story, a serious conflict can be identified. According to the story in the conversation between the author and Auggie, there is a conflict between the boy who stole from Auggie shop and Auggie. It, therefore, forms a very important element of this story. Finally, there is a resolution element where the conflict between Auggie and the boy is solved. It can be seen from the story when the boy disappears and escaped. The boy is forgiven by Auggie after finding some good cameras from their house. The most significant element of this story is a resolution because it allows the reader to solve his problem of knowing how to write a short story about Christmas. Auggie gave Paul a real-life story which he can write. Finally, Auggie also solved his problem with the boy interestingly by getting a camera of good quality.

There are different story devices which are depicted in this story. In this story, there is a suspense which is used to make the story interesting. It is evident when the boy has stolen from Augie and we are not told where he went to or what happened next. There is also a flashback from the story. When the author visited Auggie to seek advice on how to write a short story, Auggie flashed back and narrated to him how he obtained his camera of high quality. These story devices are to make the story interesting and real. The story was written during Christmas holidays a period when a short story is posted in Christmas magazine. It was written in a social context so that it can be used to entertain people during Christmas holiday. This story was reflective of a real-life event on how Auggie acquired his camera and how the author was given the short story to use in a Christmas magazine.

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