Smart Goals Worksheet, Free Essay Sample in Education

Published: 2017-11-21
Smart Goals Worksheet, Free Essay Sample in Education
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My Educational Goal

My personal mission statement guiding my bachelor鈥檚 of nursing study is: I aspire to earn a bachelor鈥檚 degree in nursing as it will give me more opportunities to progress to higher positions in the nursing field. To support my mission and realize my dream of earning the bachelor鈥檚, I have set a goal: to earn a bachelor鈥檚 degree in nursing in the next two years. Goal setting is important in that it improves a student鈥檚 academic performance (Conzemius & O鈥橬eill, 2011) and aids in monitoring a student鈥檚 progress towards realizing long-term goals (Harrington, 2015).

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To achieve my goal of earning a bachelor鈥檚 degree in nursing, I intend to work hard on my academics and attain a minimum grade of B+ in all nursing courses. To get these good grades, I plan to study for at least four hours per day besides the regular coursework hours, seven days a week. Secondly, I plan to have a study group with my course mates, at least twice per week. Lastly, I intend to meet with my lecturers for clarification on what I did not understand in class.

The achievement of this goal will help me to get more equipped with critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills. These skills will enable me to progress to higher positions in the nursing field e.g. leadership and management positions. The newly acquired skills will also help enhance my work performance thus improving healthcare.


Conzemius, A., & O鈥橬eill, J. (2011). The Power of SMART Goals: Using Goals to Improve Student Learning. Solution Tree Press.

Harrington, C. (2015). Student Success in College: Doing What Works! Cengage Learning.

Smart goals worksheet for students

Draft Goal:

To earn a bachelor鈥檚 degree in nursing.

Answers at time of development 6 Month Update


What is the desired result? (who, what, when, why, how)

I intend to work hard on my academics and achieve a minimum grade of B+ in all the nursing courses.

Improve my leadership skills by mentoring associate degree nursing (ADN) students.

Using the skills acquired, I intend to improve my performance at work by ensuring that I meet high patient satisfaction.

Achieve at least a grade of B+ in 80% of the courses at the end of the semester.

Mentor at least 5 ADN students.

Improved job performance as measured by indicators such as patient satisfaction.


How can you quantify (numerically or descriptively) completion?

How can you measure progress?

The exam grades can be measured by using the grades and scores attained in each course at the end of every semester. The progress can be measured using the scores achieved in continuous assessment tests.

My leadership skills can be measured quantitatively using the number of student nurses that I will have mentored during the two years of my study.

Patient satisfaction can be measured quantitatively and descriptively using patient satisfaction scales e.g.The Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ)

Achieve scores of over 70% in theory-based and practical exam.

By the end of six months, I will have mentored at least 5 ADN students and recruited more for mentorship.

To gauge performance, scores obtained from patient satisfaction scales will be used.


What skills are needed?

What resources are necessary?

How does the environment impact goal achievement?

Does the goal require the right amount of effort?

The skills needed to attain good grades include good time management, group discussions, regular attendance of classes, excellent note-taking techniques, and development of study plan. The resources needed include a study planner, a study schedule, and textbooks.

Leadership skills that I need to mentor others include excellent interpersonal skills, social awareness, and self-awareness skills. To achieve the skills, the resources include leadership books and attendance of leadership seminars and classes.

To achieve high performance at work, I will need communication, critical thinking, technical quality, and time management skills.

A conducive environment will ensure that all efforts are focussed on achievement of the stated goal thus ensuring that the goal is achieved in stipulated time.

The goal requires a lot of effort and dedication because the course is challenging.

Improve my time management, group discussions, note-taking, study skills.

Demonstrate excellent leadership skills of self-awareness and social awareness.

Improve my job performance at work by enhancing patient satisfaction.


Is the goal in alignment with the overall mission or strategy?

My mission is to earn a bachelor鈥檚 degree in nursing as it will give me more opportunities to progress to higher positions in the nursing field. The goal is aligned with the mission since the achievement of the mission requires one to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. To gain these knowledge, behaviors, and skills, a student is required to excel in all the academic courses.

Review my acquired knowledge, behaviors, and skills at the end of the semester.


What is the deadline?

Is the deadline realistic?

1. The time limit for achieving the goal is two years

2. The time limit is realistic since achieving the goal requires a student to take a multitude of courses so as to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.

Check the progress towards achieving the goal.

Final Goal: I am going to earn my bachelor鈥檚 degree in nursing, by the summer of 2018.

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