What Is Car Tune-up? Find the Answer in This Free Essay

Published: 2019-05-15
What Is Car Tune-up? Find the Answer in This Free Essay
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Car tune-p is a car service procedure that helps the car run better. It is associated with spark plug replacement as well as ignition contact point replacement. It could also involve adjustment of the ignition timing. It associated with old cars and due to changes in car engines it is today referred to as engine performance maintenance. On modern cars and light trucks it is impossible to make adjustments yourself since they are computer controlled.

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What does the process involve?

Car tune-up goes beyond the adjustments. It is a procedure that begins with inspection of the car to get a diagnosis. The car is the tested and finally the adjustments are made. This process aims at increasing the engine performance. A step by step procedural tune-up will involve removing of the spark plug, testing the compression in every cylinder, cleaning and/or replacing the spark plug, checking for any wear or cracks and making replacements where necessary.

The adjustments are made using a tachometer to set the idle speed to the specifications. The idle speed is the rotor revolutions that a vehicle that is switched on will make in a stationary vehicle. Setting lights are used to set the initial timing. Additional checks could be carried out on the emissions to ensure they are in compliance with set standards. They also reflect the fuel economy. The vacuum gauge is also checked for any leaks.

What else can be done?

During the tune-up, it is important to have a preventative maintenance check within the components of the engine compartment. Failed components or those that are about to fail like loose and damaged wiring and leaking fuel lines are identified and replaced. Frayed belts and cracked coolant hoses are also checked.

Must it be done by a mechanic?

Non-mechanics can perform the tune up without using any specialized tools. The spark plugs especially indicate most of the engines problems and it is therefore important to know how to make a diagnosis from them.

The life and efficiency of the spark plugs depends on the engines condition. The temperatures that the plugs are exposed to also affect it. The temperatures are affected by factors like the type of driving, the exhaust emission equipment and the air/fuel mixtures. The plugs should be changed to suit the drivings heat range.

How is the choice of plugs made?

The plugs choice is based on the heat range of the plug. This means the ability of the plugs to dispel heat. The longer the insulator is, the hotter the plug operates. The shorter the insulator, the cooler it operates. Plugs that absorb little heat accumulate oil deposits since there isnt enough heat to burn them. Plugs that absorb too much heat may lead to ignition problems since the electrodes burn away quickly.

The choice should be made based on the driving done. Long distance driving and high speed travel need cooler plugs. Where most of the driving involves stops and re-ignitions, a hooter plug should be used. The original plugs are meant to be compromise plugs that operate in between the two.

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