Free Essay: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

Published: 2023-11-03
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I have the following knowledge skills and abilities as I aim to develop a career in web development. They include analytical, testing, debugging, interpersonal skills, and knowledge and expertise in HTML and CSS, JavaScript, responsive design, and search engine optimization. I use HTML and CSS to create and design web pages for the internet as CSS allows me to maximize my creativity as I plan layouts and add colors and fonts. HTML is useful for creating web pages, like the text to display.

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Analytical skills are essential to complete the development of a website. I have to create a functional code that the site utilizes to run. I analyze, for example, what a client needs or end-user experience on a website I am creating. Sometimes clients can change their needs when I am working on a project, and I have to adapt accordingly. A website must turn out in the best way that a client needs.

Responsive design is creating a website to be compatible with different devices like a tablet, a mobile phone, or a computer. The site has to fit the various screens, making the user experience seamless. A website can have massive traffic, and every user must get a good experience no matter the device they are using. For example, if a website is not responsive, users may not want to visit again, and it can interrupt a business if the owner is using it for that purpose.

I use JavaScript when I am creating a website with sophisticated features. Such features include interactive maps, videos, search bars, or moving elements. It creates beautiful websites that clients can appreciate as they are interactive. It is also attractive to users, and they can interact with the site more as they get access to many features. I believe I have excellent interpersonal skills to match my development skills. It is essential because, as a web developer, I interact with many clients, and I must have a positive attitude, collaborate with them, listen, and have excellent body language. I know that if I get along well with clients, my work will be more straightforward.

I have testing and debugging skills in web development. As a web developer, I must make sure that my website does not have errors; therefore, it means continually testing it. I utilize functional and unit testing to make sure that the web page code runs effectively. I know back-end basics. I understand cyber-security, databases, SQL, and APIs. It is crucial as I host my webpages on a server. I know about search engine optimization. Clients are critical about the traffic on their website. Therefore, I can help them attract users to their webpages. It is, consequently, a skill necessary in my professional career as a web developer.

IT Career Track

Stages Timeline Goals Methods Resources Strategies Assessment

Research on Web development profession Three months- September 2020- December 2020 To understand the job description.

  • To know the essential skills and qualities.
  • To know the conditions and working hours.
  • To know the salary incentives of a web development job.
  • To understand the outlook of a web development job. The internet is the best place to get information on careers. It can also allow me to compare web development jobs in different companies and countries.

Visiting web development companies is also a useful method I can utilize. It can consult and get first-hand information on the experience of web developers.

I can also interact with web developers on social media platforms like Reddit and Facebook. I can participate in group talks and send direct messages to experienced web developers. Laptop.

  • Internet connection.
  • $5,000 Willingness to learn
  • Attention to detail.
  • Organization and documenting findings.
  • Team-work
  • Working under pressure.
  • Create summaries on the outcomes.
  • Create a portfolio on the findings of the research.
  • Add more job qualification credentials from professional courses. One year
  • January 2021-December 2021
  • January 2021-March 2021- Oracle Certified Expert
  • April 2021- June 2021- Oracle Application Express
  • July 2021- September 2021- AWS Certified Developer

October 2021- December 2021- Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer To add more credentials to my Curriculum Vitae.

  • To increase the chances of getting a lucrative job.
  • To get certifications in professional courses.
  • To continually update my qualifications. I will go for the following certifications:
  • Oracle Certified Expert
  • Oracle Application Express
  • AWS Certified Developer
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer Laptop
  • Internet Connection

$10,000 to cover the costs for the professional courses.

$10,000 to cover extra costs like transport, accommodation, and food. To have as many quality certifications as possible, apart from my degree certificate.

Complement the professional courses with other online courses from credible sites like Google and Microsoft so that I can learn more skills as I continue studying.

I update my qualifications regularly on my curriculum vitae as I finish each one of them. Complete certifications listed.

  • Update Curriculum Vitae with every completed certification.
  • Complete online courses and download certificates.
  • Manage the budget appropriately.
  • Apply for my first job. January 2022- December 2024 To get my first job.
  • To compete with other qualified individuals.
  • To learn how the web development industry works.

To develop interview etiquette and create a cover letter and a portfolio. I will apply for jobs manually and online, especially in Small and Medium Enterprises focused on creativity and innovation.

I will also look to apply for short-term contracts if the opportunity to be a free-lancer arises as it is more lucrative statistically rather than going for full-time employment. Laptop

  • Internet connection
  • $2000 to cover for extra costs. Aggression to get as many applications across the line as possible.
  • Look to venture into free-lancing web development.
  • Focus on organizations that are aligned to my values of innovation and creativity, even if they are startup companies.
  • Apply for short term contracts if available. Complete up to 10 applications.
  • Share my application forms and ask for feedback from a professional and my colleagues so that they can identify points of weaknesses and give me recommendations.
  • Check on the number of interviews I am getting and analyze the performance of each of them.
  • Develop my career January 2025- December 2025 Learn from experience and colleagues to get better in my skills and learn new ones.
  • Start my web-development company or partner with other organizations. Invest in my web-development company
  • Create connections with individuals in the web development industry. $300,000 for investment Aggressiveness to establish as many connections as possible.
  • Save up money for my investment.
  • Check on the progress of my savings.
  • Analyze the connections that could result in potential partnerships for my startup investment.
  • Analyze the progress of the startup business.

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