Business Essay Sample: Project Planning Phase

Published: 2018-11-12
Business Essay Sample: Project Planning Phase
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Importance of Location Decisions

Choosing a location for existing or new businesses is one of the most significant decisions that entrepreneurs make during the planning phase. Fundamentally, the firm's location can significantly affect the business in various aspects, regarding its operation, labor availability, customer access, tax regulation and capacity to expand among others. The case of S&P Company provides a greater representation of various ways in which location decision influence business operations. Notably, the change of address by the couples and the move to establish their activities in Warren County, Missouri stimulated the expansion of their business from 10,000 square feet to 40,000 within two years. Based on this rapid growth it is irrefutable to assert that the location choice had a tremendous impact on the decisions by Stengard and Piel.

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Ideally, the location was important in influencing the overall operating expenses such labor costs and taxes and regulations (Moore & Longenecker, 2008). The decision to change the address to Warren County in Missouri determined the state and local taxes that the owners had to pay and the regulation they had to follow. Evidently, an economic development organization offered S&P Company attractive incentives in the form of tax breaks and financial support. In the same way, the company tremendously benefited from the readily available labor force with the appropriate skills, thereby helping reduce the labor cost. Conceivably, their decision to move to Missouri might have positively influenced S&P's accessibility to their customers (Moore & Longenecker, 2008). It is undeniable to mention that the clients are the primary determiners of a firm's success or failure. Therefore, Stengard and Piel readily reached their customers through their markets.

Types of Permits and Zoning

The local ordinances and Zoning are crucial when considering to choose one's business location. Fundamentally, the zoning laws influence have the profound impact on the business decisions, particularly when buying a property and intending to make improvements to the existing business (Warren County, 2016). In this sense, therefore, it is important to have a solid understanding of the laws before they consider other things. Based on the fact that S&P changed its address to Missouri, the types of permits and ordinances they should consider include the Flood ordinance, structure packet permit, Floodplain Development Permit, the elevation certificate, the rezone packet and the tower upgrade (Warren County, 2016). The purposes of these permits and these ordinances are to foster the health, comfort, safety and the overall welfare of the residents around the business and the entire county. Besides, this helps promote natural resource management of the county.

The internet is significant to business it acts as a powerful communicating and marketing tool (Brown, 2011). Stengard and Piel can substantially utilize the internet to promote their activities in various ways. Firstly, the internet can help stimulate globalization of the S&P Company. In this case, the internet will help their firm forge international relationships with other new vendors and customers. Additionally, the business can use the Internet to communicate with its clients in various aspects such as delivery of goods, getting their feedbacks and even complaints (Brown, 2011).


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