Essay Sample on Skill-Based Hiring and Educational Degree

Published: 2023-11-03
Essay Sample on Skill-Based Hiring and Educational Degree
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Skills-based hiring- Hiring based on skills describes employers’ practice of setting certain competency or skills requirements or targets. Competencies and skills are likely to be cognitive, or other professional skills referred to as soft skills.

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Hiring based on degree- educational degree hiring involves practice by employers where they consider candidates for a given job based on their academic attainment for a particular job. They look at the academic training and qualifications of the candidate.

2. Case study

Google has realized that book smarts do not necessarily depict equal work ethic, talent, and grit. According to the former SVP of People Operations at Google Laszlo Bock, some individuals do not go to school, but they manage to make their way in the demanding world. He stressed that such individuals represented extraordinary people. Therefore, it was important for the company to use all efforts to ensure they found such individuals.

3. Hard and soft skills

Hard skills: Hard skills involve the ability of an employee to do a given task. The most in-demand hard skills include artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and analytical reasoning. Other top hard skills include Blockchain, affiliate marketing, UX design, scientific computing, business analysis, sales, and video production.

Soft skills: Soft skills describe how employees do specific tasks, including how they collaborate, adapt, make decisions, and solve problems. The skills that employers will be looking for in the future include persuasion, creativity, adaptability, collaboration, and emotional intelligence.

4. Reason for skill-based hiring

College does not prove that an individual has the required skills. It shows that one has the necessary knowledge but not the required skills.

  • Skills help a person to gain growth and advance in the career path.
  • Skills help people to attain their goals.
  • Skills demonstrate experiences that people have in the field.
  • Skills depict knowledge and self-confidence. Some successful individuals in the world, including Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, have managed to amass fortune although they do not have a college degree.

The US Chamber of Commerce demonstrated that 78 percent of employers in the market maintain that they will be compelled to change their hiring approach to reflect skills.

5. Skill-based knowledge

Skill-based learning includes planning, implementation, and analysis of skills acquired via knowledge-based learning techniques. Skill-based knowledge is essential since it develops critical thinking, sparks creativity, and improves collaborative problem-solving skills. It helps individuals to enhance their strengths and key skills to attain set goals. Further, skill-based knowledge establishes practical oral, and written communication. The approach also ensures that it hones leadership where people can develop practical leadership skills and help people see their self-interests. Skill-based knowledge is important as it helps people to study faster and gain a better understanding.

It is important to have a skill-based economy where individuals have basic skills. They can get the available quality jobs using basic skills. The world has a rapidly changing economy, which also requires employees to develop leadership, problem-solving and technical skills. Helping employees develop and keep their skills is important in an economy.

6. Message

Government entities and companies need to focus on individuals' skills more than using degrees to hire people. Unskilled workers tend to reduce the productivity of the workforce and serve as a limitation to economic investment. It is difficult for the private sector to flourish in the absence of a skilled workforce.

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