Essay Sample on Single Sex Education Groupings

Published: 2019-11-12
Essay Sample on Single Sex Education Groupings
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Some of the proponents of single sex-modeled institutions believe that "Single-sex education allows young people to focus on their learning without the complications of relationships." On the other flip side of the coin, opposes of these types of arrangements believe that "Single-sex education is unnatural and doesn't help to prepare young people for living in the real world." These and others are, but some of the sentiments that are shared among the people that support, and that are against separating students in their learning environments based on their gender. The following essay looks into the matter and draws a perspective about the same

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Thinking about education and the right environment for students to focus and study effectively brings to mind the idea of the role of education in the life of a student. Some of the most conspicuous roles of education to the life of a student include training enlighten and prepare the student for real life. The matter of education and types of environments that students are subjected to is more of an issue about nature and nurture. Some of the matters that affect and influence the life of a student are more about issues of nature, nurture, intelligence and temperament.

Some parents prefer to keep their children protected by the confines of the same sex institutions because at some ages, especially adolescence, young people tend to be easily distracted. Some parents fear that their children might not have the mettle to hold themselves from engaging in activities like teenage sexual relation. It is every parents worst dream to have their teenage daughters falling pregnant. The teenage children will hence be obliged to take on positions of responsibility at a young age, and some will even be forced to drop out of school to take care of their children. It is even worse when the teenage children contract sexually transmitted infections like Syphilis and herpes. It becomes an embarrassment to not only the young teenagers but also the parents. Some parents are purely after a good performance for their teenage students, and they are willing to do all that it takes to get them to perform their best. Taking their young teenagers to single-sex institutions is seen as an opportunity to increase the chances of the students to thrive.

Considering another perspective. However, learning is a natural process that does good to be conducted in a natural setting. Single sex educational institutions are not a natural setting. Education teaches the student to be prepared for the real life that comprises the male and the female gender co-existing as one. I happen to have studied through both the single-sex institutions and the mixed-sex institutions, and I have learnt to appreciate the values that the mixed sex institutions instill in the students. I am convinced that the mixed sex institutions are the best environments that the students can learn to be an all-rounded individual. There are cases where sexuality is bent based when students are put to learn in the single-sex institutions. Being in single-sex institutions is not necessarily a gate pass to success.

In conclusion, Single-sex institutions deny the students the chance to learn such skills as self-control, the ability to interact with eh opposite sex. The notion that the single-sex institutions instill in their students is that the only time when the opposite sex needs to come together is when they are having sexual relations, and this is a skewed way of looking at things. It is thus important that the students are put in an environment that allows them the chance to appreciate the company of each other and everyones contribution to the society.

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