Essay Sample on Similarities and Differences Between Odyssey and Achilles

Published: 2023-09-08
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Even though Iliad and Odyssey were written in different years, they have similar features. Similar characteristics occur mostly because they both shared their author; they were written by the same person named Homer. Also, they were written following the same style—the followers of the video Greek mythology. The poems shared characters who had Greek origin. Both Odysseus and Achilles were renowned Greek heroes. The paper focuses on comparing Odyssey and Achilles as depicted in the videos.

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Achilles is the main character and the one who is focused on Iliad. In the other epic poem, Odyssey, Homer focuses on Odysseus. The styles differ based on character traits expressed in the poem. There are significant differences in terms of individual personalities.] Both Achilles and Odysseus have different motives. The two poems have a similar setting.

They are based on the stories of the great Trojan war. Also, while emphasizing on the Trojan war, the focus is on the two protagonists. The poems are oriented in describing how the Achilles and Odysseus were resilient during the war and how they ensured triumph and victory during the war. Both Iliad and odyssey represent how the two characters became true Greek heroes.

From both poems, the characters were portrayed as strong, fearless, daring, and unrelenting. Odysseus had a motive for a JD strong desire to return to Ithaca. Achilles' causes were evident as he was highly motivated to kill Hector. Their mothers influenced the personalities of both characters. Odysseus'mother protected him while on his quest to return to Ithaca.

Achilles was motivated by his mother to fight, and through this, he became famous. In both poems, Homer describes how their crew cared for the two protagonists as they were sorrowful when they died. Gods ordained both of them; Achilles was helped by the thesis, whereas goddess Circe assisted Odysseus.

From the two poems, Odysseus and Achilles had quite diversified leadership styles. Odysseus is represented as a self-centered person who is very clear from how he treats the subjects. However, Achilles is depicted as being loyal and passionate about his issues. Odysseus is, however, determined and witty some of the characters which assisted him in overcoming his transgressors; contrary, Achilles uses physical strength in the latter.

Odysseus' traits, such as being witty, are demonstrated in the Odyssey movie scene when Poseidon tries to kill him by commanding more waves. However, the imagines of his fitness and instead soothes Poseidon by stating his strength resulted from the intervention of gods. By using such a wise statement, he survives Poseidon’s wrath. On the other hand, Achilles does not have the virtue of humility as characterized by Odysseus in the Movie. Achilles is self-centered as depicted earlier hence being an arrogant individual filled with himself. Achilles seemed to be reluctant to follow her mother’s orders by failing to uses the armor more first offered to him. He later decides to change his mind.

Achilles is perceived as being more impulsive, unlike the calculative Odysseus. In a scene such as his fight with Cyclops, Odysseus develops a plan to poison him with alcohol and gain an added advantage to conquer him. By implementing the plan, Odysseus was able to eventually use the delicate opportunity to stab Cyclop's eye. Despite the existence of differences between Odysseus and Achilles, they are considered to be among the greatest heroes in Greek history.

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