Significant Endeavor Essay Example

Published: 2022-09-15
Significant Endeavor Essay Example
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I have had considerable experience in community engagement and service learning. My main endeavors in this field included combining the learning goals taught at school and service for the community in activities that enhance my general growth and the common good. The involvement has taught me that the school does not impart knowledge to students for individual use only but also expects them to give back to the society through service. I applied the teaching and learning strategies to integrate meaningful service for the community in a kind of reflection to enrich the experience I already have in learning. Community engagement services were in a bid to strengthen and teach civic responsibility in these regions. I sought to achieve the community's real objectives by incorporating my skills to help in their activities. This way, I linked my development in the personal and social dimensions to my academic progress and implemented my proficiency in different fields. Even though I am only two years old in the community, I felt that they deserve my concepts for useful understanding.

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My engagement primarily involved volunteering in the college and outside as well. Undertaking activities in school that are for the benefit of others without any pay, in the end, build on the experience of an individual, and it is a privilege for the college. My services helped to enhance my relationship with other students, college staff and the teachers as well. I supported the Arabic speakers in the ESOL classes to do their homework and understand the material. ESOL classes seem difficult for foreign language speakers who are not able to be at par with the others. They need to develop the skills of reading, to write, to speak and to listen where they require a trainer rather than their routine professor. I helped the students in these classes to master the skills for life qualification in English. I proved my intellectual skills such as reasoning, concept formation and creative thinking among others to teach these students how to comprehend passages in English and how to perform their analysis, synthesis, and evaluation among others. I assisted the teachers in these classes to prepare their bulletin boards and duplicate their materials for use in the classroom. I also helped the students to review skills from previous classes and the concepts that they were taught among other skills.

I was able to draw a drawing for my college, and they bought it from me and put it on the wall. The reward of having the art placed on the wall means so much to me because I feel proud of myself. The drawing helped to show my knowledge and skills especially the concept of creativity. The art is a form of application to the practical field rather than academic classwork. The drawing helped me to build on skills such as realistic drawing, knowledge of the rules of perspective, golden proportions and skills of composition. It was a big favor that the college bought the picture for me. Typically, my engagement is centrally in the school, and it was one of my learning and community action goals. I am also working to benefit the school in my volunteering tasks when I am free. I hope to create more positive impacts on students and improve their ability to apply the classroom learning in the real world.

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