SHRM: A Leader in Ethical Conduct & Workplace Success - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-29
SHRM: A Leader in Ethical Conduct & Workplace Success - Essay Sample
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The code of ethics and professional conduct describes the ethical principles that guide an organization's decisions and behavior. They give overall outlines of how workers should behave and outlines ways of handling issues like safety, different types of harassments, and conflicts of interest (“Better team,” 2020). SHRM, Society for Human Resource Management, offers workplaces where workers and employers succeed as one. SHRM is the frontline expert, convener, and leader on matters affecting today's evolving workplaces.

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Code of Ethics in SHRM

Conflicts of Interest. It states that as Human Resource professionals, they must maintain a high level of trust and confidence with the stakeholders (“Society for Human Resource Management,” 2014). They should guard the stakeholders' interests, their professional integrity, and should not participate in activities that could bring about potential conflicts of interest. With this code I think it will be best if the professional will refrain from seeking preferential treatment and prioritize your obligations to spot conflicts of interest when the conflicts come up and disclose them to required stakeholders.

Confidentiality. This code requires the HR professionals to consider and protect people's rights, most especially when acquiring and disseminating information (“Society for Human Resource Management,” 2014). This code will build trust amongst the people in the organization, and it will enhance the exchange of information while getting rid of anxieties. It will be more appropriate if the HR professionals acquire and give out information through ethical and responsible means and to safeguard all the confidential information given to them.

Competency. As professionals in this code they must strive to meet excellent standards of competence and commit to building a bond continuously. This is by expanding human resource management knowledge to understand further how companies work (“Society for Human Resource Management,” 2014). Competency can be enabled by pursuing formal courses and committing to continuous learning and applying newly learned knowledge to human resource management the company they serve.

Honesty. HR professionals are responsible for adding value to the company they serve by engaging in activities that enhances its credibility and value. Honesty in SHRM will positively influence the workplace (“Society for Human Resource Management,” 2014). This is made possible by complying with the law and adhering to the highest ethical and professional behavior standards.

Nondiscrimination. A code where HR professionals are required to show individual leadership and foster fairness amongst all the organization's workers. This will enable the workers to reach their full potential in a productive way (“Society for Human Resource Management,” 2014). This can be so by respecting every individual's worth, treating all workers with dignity, respect, and compassion to enhance a positive work environment free from unlawful discrimination.


A Code of Ethics must be present in every organization, explaining all the company's rules and regulations, and expectations. If they have any queries regarding behavior at the workplace, they should consult the Code of Ethics for guidance. Ensuring that everyone follows the organization's code of ethics should keep the business running smoothly as it can with limited problems.


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