Essay Sample: Management of Culcinema

Published: 2023-01-29
Essay Sample: Management of Culcinema
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The project management course involved the creation of a YouTube channel known as CULCinema. The business skills and knowledge gained through the course enabled me to implement strategies in the project. The process provided advanced training in areas such as effective control and management. For instance, I learned the importance of using management measures such as control software and risk-assessing techniques to ensure effective planning and execution of the course project.

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I was an active member during the group project since I participated in different areas such as acting and analysis. I took part as an actor in three YouTube videos that got posted on the channel. I provided ideas and insights on the topics and concepts of the clips included in the project. The objective of the project was to create four HD YouTube videos within eight weeks at a fair price. The scope statement emphasized that we shouldn't use more than $50 per video. The group had the aim of accomplishing all the tasks from June to July. I and my colleagues decided to create funny videos since they have a big fan base in the United Kingdom. Statistics suggest that around 50% of YouTube users share funny clips with their friends (Rieger, 2019). It indicated that the concept will generate more views that will promote the success of the framework. The technical requirements followed during the running of the course project emphasized on clear, high quality and precise videos.

The framework involved the completion of steps which will include selecting a video concept, taking the clip, editing, uploading and marketing the clip. Each stage had techniques and strategies which ensured that the group created funny and quality clips. For us to identify a video concept, we had to first select a target audience that provided insights on the tone and length of the clip. It is because people from different demographics such as age have different preferences. During the group work, we relied on software such as iMovie which helped during the editing process. I participated in creating the channel which involved identifying the name and creating a good background. I went ahead to take part in the editing process which enabled me to learn on how to handle technical materials such as software.

The group's framework had strengths such as it allowed me to interact with people who had diverse business and technical skills. It enabled me to learn from different perspectives and understand different concepts of the entire course. It allowed me to learn more about different cultures around the globe. The benefit of cultural diversity can increase if effective communication skills get applied to the environment. We had our camera which made it easier for us to film at any time. The university's facilities provided the space needed during the execution of the project. Project members should allocate more time to utilize the provided resources which will enforce higher video quality.

My group members were people from different cultures and backgrounds which created diversity. For instance, there were individuals from different geographical areas such as Africa, Vietnam, and India. Cultural diversity affected the group since people had different ideas which created disagreements and arguments. For example, we had different opinions about the first video which involved the members playing ping pong. It created differences hence only a few individuals participated in the daring sport. We didn't have enough time to learn about each other before embarking on the project. It was illustrated when giving duties since we didn't comprehend each other's strengths and weaknesses. Miscommunication prompted the rise of feuds among group project members which facilitated disunity. People had different perspectives concerning the group project which one could see from the level of participation. Five members didn't put effort to attend meetings or provide insights during the creation of the project. It made it a challenge for us to make quality and entertaining videos following the schedule. For example, I had to become part of most of the videos uploaded on the channel. It was the first project for the team thus we had the disadvantage of being less experienced which got illustrated by our management skills.

Some strategies can help to eradicate the limitations faced during the coursework project. Individuals should take time to learn aspects about each other such as weaknesses which helps them to understand and interact with each other. The idea will help reduce cases of miscommunication which can undermine the progress of the project. Group members should come up with ideas that most of them agree on. It is important for the participants to appreciate each other's opinions and ideas. Course groups should select a leader who can enforce regulations that will discourage laziness. For example, fines will force all of the members to put effort through participating in any of the group activities. The concept will help in saving time and facilitate high-quality work. It is important to control and manage cultural diversity since it can contribute to the development of efficient tools that can ensure the success of the project.

The group can employ risk management techniques that can help during a crisis such as a task with a short deadline. Following the milestone guidelines will enable the group members to finish in good time and provide quality work. It is important for my group members to attend workshops and training programs that equip individuals with skills and knowledge on how to deal with people in a cultural diversity environment. It will ensure that we conduct ourselves better and undermine the risk of limitations during the next course project. The management skills and knowledge that I acquired from the course will help me in my career since it relates to business and technical fields. The challenges experienced throughout the process will assist my group in coming up with more efficient steps in the future.


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