Human Resource Management and Performance Essay, Free Example for Students

Published: 2022-07-20
Human Resource Management and Performance Essay, Free Example for Students
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1-1 The advantages and disadvantages of an individual or overarching HR department's strategies

Human Resource strategies require human capital knowledge, abilities, and skills. The advantage of individual HR department is the transformation of human capital into valuable firm capability using HR policies and practices in selecting the most cost-effective strategy (Cascio, 2006). The overarching strategy is much better in promoting and developing talents from within an organization. The primary challenges include the metrics and analytics strategies in decision-making processes.

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1-2 Best way for organizations to comply with employment laws

The best strategy of ensuring that an organization complies with employment laws need conducting mandatory testing on the knowledge of revised or new laws as well as existing laws/regulations. Organization's human resource a top-level management requires to take the mandatory tests as well as conduct routine auditing to ensure that the organization stays up to date on employment laws and regulations.

2-1 Resistance to change

At times members of an organization are resistant to some of the changes that are advocated for in their working routines. Change resisters can be positive or negative based on the individual reasons that instigate employees to resist changing (Allen, Jimmieson, Bordia, & Irmer, 2007). For instance, some three years ago I worked in a newspaper company where the department head introduced a new tracking system where all employees were required to sign in or out during working hours to calculate the working hours. Based on the nature of our work like sale personnel I felt it was not convenient because through the working arrangements we did not need to pick our daily delivery at the head office because there were localized stopovers to pick our sale products. In the new system, we were required to report to the head office every morning even when we were assigned to conduct our duties elsewhere. Resistance to the change emanated from the inconveniences on performance when we had to comply to the change.

2-2 Securing best talents through human resource strategies

Hiring the right candidates for a post in an organization requires the human resource to follow the right recruitment process in evaluating the best potential of the best candidate among applicants. Selecting the right candidate needs a comprehensive interview to assess ability and qualifications. The best candidate does not entail the most learned or the one with the best professional experience. The human resource management during the recruitment process needs to set the hiring criteria as well as the requirement to ensure that the position is awarded to the best candidate (Cascio, 2006). During the interview and selecting and pre-employment stages in the hiring process needs to be keenly performed to eliminate the available candidates and remain with the best potential employee that suits for the position.

2-3 Organization Change failure

Nokia company is among the largest smartphone company in the global market, but, in 2007, despite the company making the market share of half of the smartphones sold worldwide, they failed to execute change in their software improvement battle. In the fast-changing environment, Nokia failed to cover the emotional climate of the mobile telephony that was overlooked. Failing to put into consideration the potential competition they were likely to receive from other mobile phone companies made them miss the bit in the revision of their software interface.

3-1 Pros and cons candidates attracted to a high salary and cash incentives, but expensive benefits

The candidates attracted to organizations offering high salary and cash incentives with expensive benefits are the top-level managers and other senior officials like departmental managers as well as contractual employees and outsourcing personnel offering occasional services to the organization. These categories of employees are cautious of the amount of salary and benefits they receive from a potential organization. They get a high salary on what they expect in predictable terms. The pros make employees contribute equally to the organization, also, attract new talents due to consistency as well as over none surprising payroll. The cons include non-motivational because of consistency of salary, reduces employee retention with increased turnover.

3-2 Compensation adjustment based on the market, the meritorious performance of both combinations

Compensation adjustment entails increasing the basic pay without covering noncontractual bonus. This adjustment is a gradual process that requires incorporating both market movement and meritorious performance. Merit performance is the primary objective of adjusting compensations to ensure self-driven motivation and satisfaction. Again, the industry trends on the market movement are an appropriate measure of compensation adjustment. The percent reflection on market movement on salary decision helps any organization match competition changes (Guest, 2011). Therefore, the two measures in compensation adjustment, market movement, and meritorious performance should be assessed hand in hand when determining salaries to ensure the compensation awarded to employees matches their efforts as well as fit in the market competition.

3-3 Benefits packages

Benefits are either intrinsic or extrinsic compensation package offered to employees over salaries and wages. Offering benefits to employees is an effective strategy to ensure retention and remaining competitive in the market. The most valuable benefits include healthcare provision, retirement benefits, and indirect benefits life social welfare benefits. Most employees value the security offered by the benefits offered by their organization making them feel valued and cared for in their working place. Organizations can communicate the value of a benefits package to its employees through direct or indirect memo communications. Again, interactive benefit determination in the organization makes employees feel valued and increases their motivation.


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